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Sibgha Fatima
Sibgha Fatima
Elite International
Destiny.and Fate
Published On Aug 20th 2016
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Although, I knew what I wanted to say, at the important moment I could not open my mouth. I was really stressed and this "stress" led me to my failure. I worked really hard for the debate competition and I had not expected anything like me forgetting the debate.
As I stared at the rostrum, I felt all eyes fixed on me. I grew more conscious, breathing heavily.......
I heard nothing but my heartbeat. It felt like my heart would burst, I felt dizzy. I stammered a few words, I greeted the judges but after that I was blank ........totally blank. I did not know what I was supposed to say. I had always been afraid of such situations; I never wanted to end up like this. I wanted to cry but I knew that it would further add to my humiliation. The compare was kind enough and gave me some water. I thought about all that I had practiced, all that everyone had helped me with, my parents, my teachers, my friends.......everyone.
Once again my thoughts drifted, with trembling hands I reached for the pocket of my blazer to check if I had the written form of my speech. NO LUCK! I had been so over confident that I had left it at home. With a shaky voice I started once again but this time too I didn’t know why I stood here.
Confused, I looked up at the audience, I felt hurt. Why me? Why did this happen? I was known as the best debater in my school, I felt shattered, and I felt my cheeks burning. I knew I was blushing, tears rolled down my face. I was paralyzed. I thought about my reputation before, now everyone would know about this. I heard students whispering at the back of the auditorium, I had this mournful feeling, I wished that I would disappear or go back in time. I felt my mind whirl, I thought I'd collapse, become unconscious but .....nothing happened. I felt more desperate than ever. I wished that my mother would come out of nowhere; I'll hug her and cry out all my feelings. I wished that something magical would happen. I wished....?
I had practiced day and night, I had promised everyone that I wouldn’t let them down but nothing was in my hands now. It was all destiny and luck playing with my emotions. I had no choice but to get out of this place to avoid stares, but that would make me look like a coward. I felt sick, as I staggered down the stage.... what did fate have for me now? Gossips about failure?
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Comments 17
Fatima Next part!!!! Fatima
May 12th 2017
ifsah Wow amazing story... Ifsah
Nov 2nd 2016
Fatima Great story!! I loved it! Keep it up!! Fatima
Oct 15th 2016
Aden Really nice story! I totally love the idea! Aden
Oct 15th 2016
Berha Awesome Berha
Oct 11th 2016
Noorish Tremendous story! see, when we use good words, everyone gets attracted Noorish
Sep 30th 2016
Aliza  Wow usually i don't read stories on this portal but today while browsing i found this one and it is so darn awesome............................ Aliza
Sep 27th 2016
Jungkook's Good, I guess. Jungkook's
Sep 23rd 2016
Wania Your welcome Wania
Sep 11th 2016
sibgha Thank you so much you guys, your compliments mean a lot. i am truly motivated. Sibgha
Aug 30th 2016
Sarah Great story! I would like to give some feedback. Your vocabulary is awesome and you can express yourself well but I think you slightly overdid some parts. You described everything, breathing heavily,heart bursting, hearbeat, dizziness etc etc. So much in one place could spoil the effect of your story. Anyways, keep it up! Sarah
Aug 29th 2016
Aiza Love it!!!!!!! Aiza
Aug 27th 2016
Irza WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! SPEECHLESS!!! Irza
Aug 26th 2016
Wania Awesome. Wania
Aug 22nd 2016
ahmad LOVE IT! It's great keep it up. Ahmad
Aug 21st 2016
sibgha Thank you. Can this article be published in vshine issue for next month? Sibgha
Aug 21st 2016
Admin Nice!!! keep it up... I am admin and I would try my best to approve your stuff fast ... Admin
Aug 20th 2016

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