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Manail Syeda
Manail Syeda
Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardy
Be Yourself
Published On Jul 1st 2011
Total Comments : 25
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Once upon a time there was a child named Frachez who lived in India. He thought that his daily life was too boring. So he decided to go to someone else's job. He went to see Tiger. Tiger agreed to let Franchez help. The next day, Franchez started to work. The first thing he had to do was make breakfast. Tiger's cubs were very picky. They hated the food! The next thing he had to do was teach the cubs how to hunt. They weren't even able to catch an ant! "Tiger, your daily life is much too hard for me." Franchez told Tiger. So he went to Monkey's Tree house. The first thing Franchez had to do was make breakfast, just like when he was at Tiger's den. Except, the baby monkeys loved what he prepared! Then Franchez had to teach the monkeys how to swing from vines. That was simple! "Monkey, your daily life is much too easy. I'll just get even more board!" Then Franchez decided who's daily life was just right! His! That day, Franchez learned an important lesson. Be Yourself.
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Comments 25
Noorish nice manail is your school... i mean? hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.... is it the real one as shown in the harry potter series???? Noorish
Jul 5th 2017
manail What?... Manail
Jun 30th 2017
Berha Y did u comment urself???? Berha
Jun 7th 2017
Aiza Nice Aiza
Jan 5th 2017
manail I've sent more stories i hope vshine approves them! Manail
Sep 21st 2016
WARDAH Add me also i am syeda Wardah
Jan 19th 2013
Momina Manail, which book? Cause this sounds familiar!! This story, i mean!!!!! good anyway Momina
Oct 28th 2012
Bareera Very lovely Bareera
Aug 30th 2011
Zainab I love ur stories and i want to be your friend.Plz accept my friend request. Zainab
Aug 12th 2011
Zainab Wow!reallyyyyyy nyc love it :) Zainab
Aug 6th 2011
sapphire Nyc :) Sapphire
Jul 30th 2011
sapphire Nyc :) Sapphire
Jul 30th 2011
Sayed Mohammed Nyc... Sayed Mohammed
Jul 24th 2011
Aliza Good idea! Aliza
Jul 19th 2011
manail Yamna! i know nimra studying in grade 7 but not in 6. well i liked your story "the robber" Manail
Jul 18th 2011
yamna Aliza even 1 of my cuzin is studing in peshawar modle skool grade 6 her name is aiman farooq do u know her Yamna
Jul 16th 2011
manail Again welldone! i want you to keep writing more stories. Manail
Jul 9th 2011
manail Please comment!!!!!!!!!1 Manail
Jul 7th 2011
manail Thanks Manail
Jul 6th 2011
matie ur Your story is amazing Matie Ur
Jul 5th 2011
Bint waseem Nyc!!!!!! Bint Waseem
Jul 5th 2011
manail Thank you Mahira ! Manail
Jul 5th 2011
armeen I have read this story a book!!! Armeen
Jul 4th 2011
manail The best story i have ever read. this story should be the winner. amazing! keep it up. Manail
Jul 2nd 2011
manail Wow!excellent. this must be the winner Manail
Jul 2nd 2011

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