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Hafsa Tariq
Hafsa Tariq
Just Like Mom
Published On Jul 28th 2016
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a girl came and ask her mother
"mom i am looking fat"
mom:"no you are so smart"
ok " then my colour is black"
mom"no darling you are so fair"
girl "then why all said me you just look like your mom 
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Comments 51
Zainab Lol Zainab
Jan 6th 2018
May 29th 2017
Wania I'm Fine! 😊 Wania
Apr 23rd 2017
HAFSA HEY Wania how are you? what's up Hafsa
Apr 5th 2017
Wania And yeah Hafsa! Your name is Pretty GRIL instead of Pretty GIRL Wania
Jan 19th 2017
Wania Oh!! Good.....So yes the answers Ans1: My strenghts are 1) I can control my anger. 2) I can hide secrets. Ans2: My weaknesses are 1) I can not decide whag to wear. 2) If I don't wanna study I can not. 3) I can not study with people around me even if they are quite and not looking at me. Ans3: My opportunities are 1) Can do any type of sports. 2) Education Ans4: My threats (fear) are 1) Insects 2) World war 3 3) Sight of the window at night Now its your turn Hafsa and do pleaseeeee give me the answers as soon as possible. And yeah thank you for telling me your name😊 Wania
Jan 19th 2017
HAFSA My real name is HAFSA TARIQ now your turnnnnnnnnnn Hafsa
Jan 18th 2017
HAFSA Wania my real name is hafsa tariq .now your turnnnnnnnnnnn Hafsa
Jan 17th 2017
Wania Noooo!! I asked you first yoi'll answer me first if not than please tell me your name actually your real name and then I will answer these questions and then u will anseers tose as well okay?? And yes please tell me your name Wania
Jan 13th 2017
HAFSA Wania plz first u Hafsa
Jan 12th 2017
Wania Thank you for your reply. I live in Karchi,Pakistan. I am in grade 7 and younger than you XD. I am in Beaconhouse School System. Yes and for more details there are many more questions that are listed below: 1. What are your strengths? 2. What are your weaknesses? 3. What are your opportunities? 4. What are your threats(Fear)? 5. What is your name?? I had to ask this question from I u and I forgot to do so. I am asking this question as I know your name wouldn't be 'pretty'. So answer me these and when I will get your reply I will also answer these questions. Wania
Jan 11th 2017
HAFSA Hey wania i can talk to u in roman english but not as much.i live in pakistan in islamabad and i am in grade 9 and i am in school FIC .and u also have to reply all u asked from me..... Hafsa
Jan 9th 2017
Wania Its really hard to type english😂😂 (feeling ashamed)...well, I want to know that in which school do you study and in which grade as well and in which city and in which country.😂😂 too many questions to ask.. for more details reply these first 😂😂 Wania
Jan 8th 2017
Wania Can you talk with me in roman urdu? Wania
Jan 5th 2017
HAFSA Thanx wania Hafsa
Jan 4th 2017
Wania Mine as well..have fun Wania
Jan 4th 2017
HAFSA Hey wania my papers are finished and now i am relaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxed and now i am enjoying my winter vacations Hafsa
Dec 27th 2016
Wajeeha Masood Lolxxxxx!!!!nice try,gooooodd:) ;) Wajeeha Masood
Dec 25th 2016
Wania Papers!! I seriously hate them.. yup you are right you must tense because they are so boring and they give us a lot of tension. My papers have just ended and I am happy😊..Study hard Wania
Dec 23rd 2016
Noorish Lol! Noorish
Dec 6th 2016
Noorish Lol! Noorish
Dec 6th 2016
Noorish Lol! Noorish
Dec 6th 2016
Khadija Silly one Khadija
Nov 13th 2016
HAFSA I am good wania but little bit tense about my papers :( Hafsa
Nov 4th 2016
Jungkook's I'm a taco! Jungkook's
Nov 3rd 2016
Wania Your welcome😊.....I am fine and what about you? Wania
Oct 27th 2016
Oct 20th 2016
yashal Nice joke lol Yashal
Oct 20th 2016
Afrah Very funny Afrah
Oct 18th 2016
Fatima LOL Fatima
Oct 16th 2016
Berha 😂😂😂😂 Hahaha Berha
Oct 11th 2016
HAFSA Wania how are u????? Hafsa
Oct 9th 2016
Noorish Funny but a bit rudwe Noorish
Oct 9th 2016
Wania Your welcome!😊 Wania
Oct 2nd 2016
Asbaat Ali Simply its LOLz Asbaat Ali
Sep 25th 2016
HAFSA Thanx guys for supporting me:) Hafsa
Sep 24th 2016
HAFSA Yes wafa little bit Hafsa
Sep 18th 2016
Wafa Its nice but don't u think its a bit rude (no offence) Wafa
Sep 12th 2016
Wafa LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wafa
Sep 10th 2016
HAFSA Thanx guys Hafsa
Aug 30th 2016
Aiza Very good joke keep it up Aiza
Aug 23rd 2016
Jungkook's Not so good Jungkook's
Aug 21st 2016
Hamna Love the joke :) Hamna
Aug 19th 2016
summaiya That not a good joke Summaiya
Aug 19th 2016
Safa Hahaha!!!!!! Safa
Aug 18th 2016
HAFSA Thanx irza Hafsa
Aug 9th 2016
Aug 7th 2016
Wania Hahaaaaa😂😂 Wania
Aug 3rd 2016
Ghania FUNNY:) I LIKE IT! Ghania
Jul 31st 2016
HAFSA Thanx jhony Hafsa
Jul 30th 2016
muhammad Very funny Muhammad
Jul 30th 2016

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