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Peace I
Peace I
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Horrible Party
Published On Jun 30th 2011
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Ever since Alia had given me that decorated invitation to come to her party, my mom and I had been fighting. I badly wanted to go but my mom firmly refused as we had to go and meet my grandmother that day and also because the party would have a lot of hindu rituals.
You know it’s not right she used to say and I would start once again on my lame arguments. “But mom, its only for once”, I would say and a number of other repetitions. My mom finally gave in to my stubborn attitude, but she said that she would have nothing to do with it. The driver would pick and drop me and fetch me a gift for Alia.
“trring, lala, boom boom”, my mobile, alarm cock and mini computer all buzzed together waking me from my nervous sleep. A big smile crossed my face and I reminded myself that it was party day today.
I was sitting at the gate of my home half an hour before it would be appropriate to leave. Impatiently I looked at my glittering watch and decided to leave. With a small parcel in one hand, I stepped into the car and zoomed off.
On the way there I kept imagining the smell of the perfume I was taking to Alia. I had chosen my best bottle. My mom had been given these bottles by my dad and she had passed it on to me and my brother. I was quiet muddled up but left my thoughts there as I had spotted Alia’s home. I stepped out of the car and rang the bell. Alia opened the door, looking very pretty in her blue dress. With a huge smile on her face she received the gift and cordially showed me to the drawing room.
Well it all went quiet fine until the big fall. I was thirsty and went into the kitchen.  Unknowingly, I stepped on a puddle of orange juice, twirled on my high heels, tried to maintain balance but fell; with a big crash on the floor. My best dress was ruined by dirty juice and my foot was hurting painfully. Alia’s mother got very angry with me but as I was a guest she helped me onto a couch where we were going to open the gifts and cut the cake. My turn came and Alia opened my gift.  Suddenly, a horrible smell filled the room. I kicked myself. I had brought my brothers slime bottle. Oh dear! Could this be worse?? Alia made a face at me and her mother got even angrier.
Then my beloved bottle was thrown away. As the cake was being cut and offered to all the people, I stooped up to get a better look. I forgot that my ankle was hurt and as soon as I stood up my ankle experienced killing pain. I fell on the shoulders of a short heighted girl, toppled over and ‘splat’ my left shoulder cut through the cake and spilled the rest on Alia’s annoyed and angry face. I was unconscious.
“trring, lala,
boom boom”,
A horribly real nightmare just passed.
Maybe it showed the future… I decided not to go to the party today.
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Comments 10
maryam I have read this one Maryam
Aug 2nd 2013
Momina Cute story MashaALLAH Momina
Oct 28th 2012
Peace Liza, thanx Peace
Nov 19th 2011
Peace Wafa, no i didnt!! it was just a creative writing Peace
Nov 19th 2011
Liza The story was toooo nice Liza
Jul 18th 2011
Wafa Did you go to the party then Wafa
Jul 18th 2011
manail Nyc one. Manail
Jul 7th 2011
armeen Nyc Armeen
Jul 5th 2011
matie ur NICE STORY! Matie Ur
Jul 4th 2011
Arqam Good Arqam
Jul 2nd 2011

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