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Farha Younus
Farha Younus
Pakistan International School Riyadh, English Section
John’s New Family
Published On Jun 28th 2011
Total Comments : 36
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June 2011

Rank 9 Out of 10
John was visiting a big castle. As he walked through one of the rooms he saw a ghost. The ghost told John, "I will invite you to my ghost party."John asked "Are you friendly?'' ''Oh yes! I am,” replied the ghost.
So off they went underground. Then ....... suddenly they arrived at the ghost party. They saw all girl ghosts. Their names were lucy, pop, lolly, kate and beauty. They sang some funny rhymes. John wanted to stay there forever because he was an orphan and did not have any home of his own. So then the girl ghosts became his sisters and the boy ghost became his father. Another big girl ghost became his mother. John loved his new family. His ghost parents and siblings were all very caring and loving.
Then after spending a few days with them, John himself also turned into a ghost. All the ghosts then lived happily ever after. And this is how the story ends.
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Comments 36
Momina U sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo rocked the roof of my house(that means the story was awesome!!!!!) CONGRATZ WITH A PLATTER OF WOW!!!! Momina
Oct 28th 2012
Wajeeha Awesome story! btw which section r u in of 4.. i study in pises too and i would lyk to meet u if u dont mind! Wajeeha
Mar 17th 2012
Zainab Thankuuuu soooooooo much farha for accepting my friend request *** Zainab
Sep 27th 2011
Mahnoor Farha this was gud story. Mahnoor
Aug 25th 2011
Farha Dear mustajab i accepted your requst:) Farha
Aug 24th 2011
Maham Nice story Maham
Aug 24th 2011
Shahmir Great story Shahmir
Aug 22nd 2011
Zainab Plz accept my friend request Zainab
Aug 20th 2011
Zainab Storyz nyc fairy farha!!!!!!!! Zainab
Aug 8th 2011
Farha Thanx again :-) Farha
Jul 28th 2011
Farha Thank u salwa Farha
Jul 21st 2011
Aliza Congrats.....................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!its verrrrrrrrrrrrrry nice.....................! Aliza
Jul 21st 2011
Salwa Lush.....congrats.... Salwa
Jul 16th 2011
Farha Thanxxx again Farha
Jul 15th 2011
Maria I like It : ) Great story . Maria
Jul 13th 2011
Farha Thanxx aliZa Farha
Jul 12th 2011
manail Very good. again congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Manail
Jul 7th 2011
Zernab A beautiful story!Kee up your great work! CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR SUCCESS! Zernab
Jul 6th 2011
Mehwish Congratsssssss =) Mehwish
Jul 6th 2011
hurriya Nice story and Congratuations. Hurriya
Jul 4th 2011
Umair Excellent story, great job Umair
Jul 4th 2011
matie ur I LIKE YOUR STORY! Matie Ur
Jul 4th 2011
Farha ............=) Farha
Jul 3rd 2011
Farha Thaxx again Farha
Jul 3rd 2011
Hadia Congrats Hadia
Jul 2nd 2011
manail Very very very very good story! Manail
Jul 2nd 2011
Mehwish Congratulations-------:) Mehwish
Jul 2nd 2011
ayesha Good job Farha congratulations Ayesha
Jul 2nd 2011
Muhammad Congratuations. Muhammad
Jul 1st 2011
yamna Nice.......the first paragraph is like harry potter and the chamber of secret,when all three frnds go to a ghost party. Yamna
Jul 1st 2011
Farha Thank you all =) Farha
Jul 1st 2011
Ahmed Congrats Ahmed
Jul 1st 2011
manail Excellent story, great job. Manail
Jul 1st 2011
Owais A good n short story Owais
Jun 30th 2011
Farha Thank you Ahmed:) Farha
Jun 29th 2011
Ahmed Wow fantastic story. I like it Ahmed
Jun 29th 2011

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