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Fatima Nadeem
Fatima Nadeem
Pak Shama International Stream
Dinosaur In My Backyard!!
Published On Jun 27th 2011
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"Fatima, come and have your dinner", shouted my mother. I was never on time for the dinner. I came at the dinner table and starting eating my food. My mother promised me to tell a story before going to bed. As soon as I finished my dinner, my mother and I went to my room. My mother was thinking of a story. She said that, "You hear stories everyday. So, today I will tell you some facts. Facts of the amazing creature Dinosaur." I agreed. She told all the facts about dinosaur. I told my mother that I wanted to see the dinosaur with my own Eyes, although they don't exist today! She told the same thing. After finishing the facts, she said good night and went to her room. I kept thinking the while night about dinosaurs.
One night, while I was sleeping, I heard a roar from my backyard. I woke up and went to my backyard to see if every thing is fine. Everyone in my house was sleeping. I opened the door, trying my best not to make any noise. Well, as I went outside, my eyes were shocked to see...
I saw a...DINOSAUR!!!! I was so amazed as well as terrified to see such a strange creature in my backyard. I've never seen a dinosaur in my entire life! I've read in my science book that dinosaurs lived on the planet earth about 245 million years ago. Well, now it was conformed that my science book is totally false!
The dinosaur was sleeping. Suddenly, the dinosaur woke up... I stood behind a tree and watched the dinosaur. The dinosaur was very strange. It was not an ordinary dinosaur. It had think purple skin with large yellow eyes, beautiful multi-coloured wings, a big pink nose and blue claws, and the strangest thing was that it could speak my language! Its bark was worse than its bite! The dinosaur seemed very friendly to me, so I went near the dinosaur and started talking with it. First of all, I asked the name of the dinosaur, but the dinosaur said that he had no proper name. I was shocked to see such a nameless creature! He couldn't even speak properly. He said, "E im ae densor". I began to laugh. The dinosaur also laughed with me. Then I asked him about his family. He said that he was orphan. I was really sorry about this.
I asked him that why he came to my house's backyard. So, he said that, "I dnt (did't) km (come) bye meself (by myself)! An efil ( a evil) wizard brou ( brought) ma (me) her (here) and did a spell on me. I em (am) trrrraped (trapped)! And I haf (have) to leaf (leave) bevor (before) dawn. Or else... I vvvilll ( will) die!" I was really worried about the dinosaur. His hands were tied with hand cuffs. He couldn't move at all. He said that he was very hungry. So I gave him five packets of milk! Now the time was 2:00 a.m. (night).
All of a sudden, an evil wizard arrived. I hid behind a tree and listened to each word carefully. The wizard was speaking a strange language. He said, "Le mano ke da". After saying this strange phrase, he said, "Dominoa fleyew, Abra-ka-Dabra." After saying this sentence (I think it wasn't just a sentence, it was a spell too. He took out his magic wand from his pocket and waved it, and flew away!
I came back to the dinosaur and asked what the wizard had said. The dinosaur said that, "You vvvil (will) nefer (never) onderstind (understand) what he said, no matter how many times I explain you in your own language!"
Unexpectedly, I noticed something strange. The wizard forgot the key of the hand cuffs tied around the dinosaur's hands and feet. I rushed to get the key. While I was running, the evil wizard came in my way. He had big teeth like Dracula and big grey eyes like a monster! He was quite scary. He looked very angry as if he would kill me. He said some magic word. There upon I saw a spade lying near me. I grabbed it and hit on the wizard's head. By this action, he fainted, and then he vanished. The hand cuffs tied on the dinosaur's hands also vanished and he was free. The dinosaur told that the wizard is dead and he will never return!
We were very happy. But the sun was about to rise and the dinosaur had to leave until dawn, or else... So, the dinosaur thanked me and I also thanked him. I gave him my picture, so that he may always remember me.
Then he flapped his multi-coloured wings and flew away.
My wish came true and I saw a dinosaur with my own eyes!
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Comments 12
Bint waseem Gud work!!!! Bint Waseem
Sep 6th 2011
Bareera U know I luv ur name,Be my friend Bareera
Aug 17th 2011
Saniya I wanna read more of ur stories so keep writing. Saniya
Aug 3rd 2011
Saba U r welcum.......... Saba
Jul 30th 2011
Fatima Thanks :) Fatima
Jul 29th 2011
Saba Good Try :) Saba
Jul 27th 2011
Fatima Thanks Aisha, Manal and Maria. Fatima
Jul 18th 2011
Maria Keep it up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maria
Jul 13th 2011
manail Keep writing more stories Manail
Jul 9th 2011
Aisha Very nice story. I love the theme Aisha
Jul 8th 2011
Fatima Thank you aliza! Fatima
Jul 7th 2011
manail A nice attempt! Manail
Jul 7th 2011

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