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Mustafa Aqib
Mustafa Aqib
The Mysterious Portal (part 1)
Published On Mar 6th 2016
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Once there were 2 brothers and 1 sister. The 2 boys were named Ali and Zaid and the girl was named Fatimah. One night they were sleeping In their room they heard whispers Ali one of the oldest kids went to find out Zaid opened the closet there was a portal Fatimah said "oh my god" Zaid said "let's go in" Ali said "Are you crazy we don't know what's in there "Zaid said "then we should". Zaid grabbed both of their hands and stepped in they were in a hole Ali said told you Zaid Fatimah said leave the fight think how we will get out.
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Comments 3
Wania Nice try. Wania
Aug 22nd 2016
Wania Good Wania
Jun 12th 2016
Berha I think next Sunday came went and the Sunday will come but I don't know when this comment will post so Sunday is coming and grammer mistakes and the end and nyc and 1derful story Berha
Apr 29th 2016

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