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Dex Ell
Dex Ell
My Kitttens
Published On Mar 3rd 2016
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June 2015

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Love is a very complicated word. No one can explain it. The reason behind it is that this word is very great and powerful. It refers to someone's feeling for someone else. It may be your parents, teachers or your friends. Our Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) taught us to be kind to our relatives as well as the animals. I remember that day 4th April 2015 when my cat gave birth to 2 cute little kittens. They were so small and soft like small cotton balls. My sister and I were very excited because we had never seen before kittens. We named them Elsa and Dexter. They grew old in our very hands and we fed them punctually. I remember that day when they first opened their eyes and that day too when they started crawling. My sister and I became anxious because we thought that some eagle might eat them. We protected them for each and every thing. From eagles, from rain and from other cats because we thought they might eat them. With time they grew old and they become mischievous and I started planning for their birthday. I designed a birthday cake for them for which had one side with black stripes and cute little pink bow like Elsa and the other side of the cake was orange with dark orange brown spots with a small blue bow which referred to Dexter. I called him dexy because he had that mischievous look on his face all the time. He was the tiger of our house and on the other hand Elsa was our princess and I used to call her princess. Everything was going fine. But time flies when you are having fun. In December my sister and I along with my mother went to our grandparents’ house who live in another city for a week. My sister and I were very sad because we did not want to go away from them but we had to so we told our father to take good care of them because they were like our children. We came back on 2nd January and I cannot forget that moment we opened the gate and went into our house and Dexter came running and hopped into my lap. Elsa was sitting far observing us but after some time she slowly walked to us from which we concluded that she was not feeling well. My father told me that she did not ate anything from the last day. My sister tried to give her milk but she did not drink it. On 3rd January at night she became so ill that we became worried for her. We searched through the internet and gave her the medicine but the next morning I was woken up by my sister. She was crying and told me that Elsa died. I could not believe my ears and I couldn't imagine that to happen. So I went out and saw her and she was dead. I felt very much helpless because I loved her very much. On the other day Dexter became ill and we did not want to lose him so we asked our father to go and search for a vet on 8th January in the morning I took off from the school and took Dexter to the hospital. When we went there the doctor gave him some injections and gave us some medicine for him. We came back home and gave him the medicine but still he was not well. In the evening at 7 pm he died before the very eyes of mine. He took his last breaths and died. In the blink of an eye my world was turned upside down. I had already lost one and I couldn't afford another one. But we cannot do anything against God's will. I felt empty and lonely because they were my best buddies and love of my life. Now I only have pictures of them and memories attached with them.
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Comments 17
Fatima I love it Fatima
May 12th 2017
yashfeen Good one!!! Yashfeen
Mar 29th 2017
Aiza Good story☺ Aiza
Nov 11th 2016
Wania Please can anyone of you tell me that do you get vshine magazine every month at your home? Wania
Aug 22nd 2016
Jungkook's I'd love to have kittens, but it's kind of difficult to take care of them, such as cleaning their stool & urine. Jungkook's
Aug 18th 2016
Aden I badly want a kitten but my parents dont agree Aden
Jun 15th 2016
Jungkook's Loved the story! Congratulations for the prize! Jungkook's
Jun 12th 2016
Wania Congratulations....and can anyone tell me that do you get vshine magazine every month at your home? Wania
Jun 12th 2016
Jungkook's Congratulations,nice story. Jungkook's
May 31st 2016
Ayesha Very sad Ayesha
May 30th 2016
Admin Nice Admin
Apr 19th 2016
Wania Congratulations and we all feel sad when a pet dies but you felt very sad as your pets died one by one very soon Wania
Apr 2nd 2016
Fatima Congratlation Fatima
Mar 29th 2016
Minahil So Sad. I also felt the same when my kittens died they actually did'nt get ill they got eaten by a TomCat Minahil
Mar 28th 2016
subhana Sooooo sad Subhana
Mar 24th 2016
Fatima Almost made me cry Fatima
Mar 18th 2016
Aden Very sad Aden
Mar 18th 2016

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