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Ayesha Abdul Rehman
Ayesha Abdul Rehman
The City School
The Strange Creature
Published On Mar 7th 2016
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May 2015

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I lay down frightened on my bed, my brain just focusing on what had happened. I thought it to be a dream, I pinched myself and “Ouch! It hurts.” Indicating the event is reality. I went downstairs, fetched a newspaper. The first headline I could see was ‘a strange creature seen on Earth’, I read every word of this news with full concentration and wandered around the house thinking.
“May be the head line is about the same creature”, I questioned myself. I went to my bed tried to sleep but event that happened could not let me sleep.
The thing that happened was, it was early Tuesday morning, and I woke up late for the school. On realizing I rushed to the bathroom brushed my teeth, had a bath, and put on my uniform. After it I rushed downstairs and had a cup of milk as my breakfast. I saw at the clock. “Oh no! It is 7:45 am” and the school bus arrives daily at 7:30 am that meant I had missed it. I took no time to think and ran to the garage took out my bicycle and started my journey to the school. The school can be reached through 2 routes, one was through a proper developed road while the other was through a rough and rugged plain that was a shorter route, so I decided to go from there.
While I was going amongst the trees, I saw a bright light from nearby. “May be a group of robbers settled here so That they are not caught in such area.” I predicted. Usually a group of men used to work in the plain to develop an industry there. I proceeded towards the plain. Coming near I could hear unusual voices. I could sense danger but still I went there. I parked my bicycle a side and peeked through the bushes to look what is happening or what caused this bright light.
And to my surprise I saw an unusual creature there, I got frightened. The creature looked so fearful. On seeing him, my body went pale, my hand and legs started to shake of fear. I went still, my body rejected any movement. I was a lifeless body. The creature was of sea green colour and the thing unusual about him was that he had 4 hands and 3 eyes which made him creepy! He was neither a human nor an animal so who was he? It seemed to me like a fantasy tale similar to those I had read in my childhood. “Unbelievable! Is it a fantasy, am I in a wonderland.” I started moving backwards and a stone came in the path and “Ouch!” I fall on the ground.
I quickly got up and as I moved towards my way I found that creepy creature in my way. My throat went dry, my forehead started to sweat, my heartbeat increased and I screamed, “Spare me! I haven’t done anything.” The creature took hold of my hand so that I couldn’t run away. “Leave me! It hurts.” I screamed. “I have no intention to hurt you! I am Stuart from Mars!” the creature said. “Mmmmm…. Mars! From space! Means you are an alien”
“Why are you here.” I asked.
“I didn’t want to come here. I wanted to visit my friend on Venus, but on the way my UFO faced technical error and I had to land here.”
“Venus……a friend is it a fairy tale.” I wondered. As I tried to go away he got hold of hand again. “Spare me! Please.” I requested. “You could be a threat for me! You are going to tell everyone about me. I need to tie you up.”
“No please! I won’t.” I screamed. But he didn’t listen to me. He took put a rope and tied me to the tree. “Help! Help!” I yelled. The alien than started using his powers to repair the UFO. He first used his power from his hands to assemble the parts of the UFO that had broken. The broken parts would come towards his hands from far as if his hands had a strong magnet in them. Then he would join them together without any adhesive “How could this be?” I thought. It seemed really like a fantasy. Than next he saw some insects on the bushes. All of a sudden he took out his thin long tongue and ate those insects. “Yuck!” This is so filthy! He ate it as if it seemed to him really tasty. I felt like to vomit but controlled myself. I than again yelled for help but no response. The alien kept on repairing his UFO. He used his eyes to give the UFO a start like we start the engine but the thing that amazed me was that from his eyes a blue light came which started the UFO. I was amazed at all this.
“Please open me!” I requested to the alien. But he didn’t. He kept on working on his UFO. I was horrified as may be the alien would kill me so that I could not tell this incident to anyone. After a couple of minutes something tang in his UFO, he pressed a button ad started speaking, but the language could not be understood as it was none of the earthly language. I stared at him.
“I have repaired my UFO, I would be going back.” He said.
“So please release me!” I requested. “Hmmm…..” He hummed
He then went into his UFO and after a few minutes it started moving.” Hey what about me?” I shouted. He replied, “Your earth mates would release you some day or the other.” He said.
“No! Please” I shouted. And with a flash the UFO disappeared, making a huge bang sound. I looked towards the clouds but no signs of UFO in the sky. I struggled to get my hands out of the rope but was unable to. In the mean while a huge group of people came. I wondered why they were here. They all looked at the surroundings, trying to figure out something. I shouted, “Help me! Please get me out of the ropes.” They untied the ropes and I got relieved after getting out of the ropes.
Soon after it media arrived.” Why is the media here?” I questioned myself. After conversation with the people they proceeded towards me. I bit my lips as I got nervous.
Than one of the reporters asked,” What were you doing here? Who tied you up here? And what was that noise?” I got at once that they were here due to the loud sound which the UFO caused.
“An alien tied me up here.” I told. After listening this they all went quite, as it was something imaginary to them. Than one of them proceeded and asked me about what happened. At first I felt nervous but then I built up courage I told them the whole event. They all were amused to hear this. And after all this I returned back to my house, but this whole event could not let me sleep.
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Comments 26
azka GREAT story and congratulations Azka
Apr 3rd 2017
Aiza Can any one tell me that how can I send letters to editor which will be published in vshine magazine???????if anyone is sending then kindly tell me how. Aiza
Dec 8th 2016
Khadija New one! BTW nice story Khadija
Nov 12th 2016
Moazzam This not intresting story but bot bad! Moazzam
Sep 8th 2016
Noorish Fabulous and congrats Noorish
Sep 2nd 2016
Salman I didn't read full story i read half story it is very interesting. Salman
Jul 30th 2016
Jul 22nd 2016
mahrukh It was amazing,cool,awesome i have no words to congrats u anyway CONGRATULATIONS Mahrukh
Jul 9th 2016
Fizza Amazing fantasy story ! good job and congrats ! Fizza
Jun 25th 2016
Jungkook's Awesome story,and congratulations for the prize! Jungkook's
Jun 12th 2016
yumna Lovely,awesome and col story Yumna
Jun 5th 2016
Wania Great and congratulation Wania
May 26th 2016
Fajr Omair Loved the story. It's so amazing Fajr Omair
Apr 22nd 2016
Fajr Omair Loved the story. It's so amazing Fajr Omair
Apr 22nd 2016
Afrah Nice one congratulations Afrah
Apr 22nd 2016
Admin Very long but good Admin
Apr 19th 2016
Heba Pretty imaginary Heba
Mar 27th 2016
Wania Congratulations Wania
Mar 26th 2016
Minahil Wow, Amazing story and congratulations for the prize Minahil
Mar 20th 2016
Iqra Excellent work Iqra
Mar 20th 2016
Aliza  Wow Aliza
Mar 18th 2016
Aden Please read my story memories Aden
Mar 17th 2016
Berha Winner Berha
Mar 16th 2016
Ayesha Thank you Ayesha
Mar 14th 2016
Anna Amazing story and congratulations. Anna
Mar 10th 2016
Ahmed Wow amazng story Ahmed
Mar 8th 2016

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