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Hamza Shahab
Hamza Shahab
Usman Public School System
Published On Feb 25th 2016
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September 2015

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Once there was a little kid who was very mischievous. He always poked his nose in the matters of other people. Sometimes he was funny but most of the time he tried to tease other people. It was kind of fun for him.
One day his mother sent him to buy some vegetables from a shop at that moment he was playing some video game. He slid slowly from the sofa and snatched the money from his mother's hands and went for shopping. When he crossed the road he saw some shops. When he reached there he saw a gaming zone and then you have guessed what would have happened with all the money. After playing games with his fill he returned to his home without any fear of his mother. When his mother asked him where were all the vegetables he spoke with shivering voice and with tearful eyes, "O mother you don't know what has happened. When I was going for shopping some bad boys snatched the money from me and ran away". His mother didn't believe him and asked him, “Then why my dear son your friend has told me that you were playing games in the gaming zone and has spent all the money for these games".
His was caught after all.
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Comments 8
Abdurehman Interesting Abdurehman
Feb 6th 2017
Wania People I just want to tell you that if I decline your friend requests don't be dishearted. I am confused with your names whether you are a boy or a girl. I only accept girls friends requests not boys. Wania
Sep 26th 2016
Asbaat Ali Hehe at last he was caught Asbaat Ali
Sep 25th 2016
sehal Amazing story Sehal
Aug 27th 2016
Jungkook's Liked the story,and congratulations for the prize! Jungkook's
Jun 12th 2016
 laiba HA HA HA ! SUPERB STORY Laiba
Jun 9th 2016
Wania Good story and congratulations Wania
Jun 3rd 2016
Admin Ur story is in mag congratts Admin
Apr 19th 2016

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