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Someone Somewhere
Someone Somewhere
Published On Mar 7th 2016
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“DING DONG” the doorbell rang. I was drinking lemonade, eating chips and watching TV. I got up and walked towards the door. I opened the door but no one was there, except for a small box. It was wrapped up with a black colored tape. It was so well protected that it looked like there was something really precious inside, but it seemed empty. It took me at least 5 minutes to unwrap it. At last I unwrapped it, but it was empty from the inside. However, whoever placed this on my door step had left a note inside that said “Take care of the ones you love, they might have a bad ending!”
I wondered day and night what the note was supposed to mean. Should I inform the police? But I decided to keep it to myself and who knows maybe it was simply a wrong message to a wrong person. I went upstairs and slept since I had a headache due to thinking about the note all the time.
The next day, at the exact same time the doorbell rang again. And once again, I found the exact same box covered up with black tape. So I opened it and I found another note inside. But, this time it said “Beware when you go to your friend’s house” I thought about it a lot. I got to the conclusion that I should go to my friend’s house which was right beside mine, and show her these letters.
I went to my friend’s house and showed the letters to her. We thought a lot about it, but we had no clue about who was sending them, why the person was sending these letters and what they meant. When I reached my house, I saw another box on my door step. I went inside and read the third letter and this time it said “your best friend, 3:33 am”.
At last, I decided to call the police. The officers came, I showed them the letters and said “what are these letters supposed to mean?” The officer took the letters from me and walked towards the door. I saw him joining the letters and reading them. He looked back at me in disappointment, he walked towards me and said “Ms. Rimsha, I fear that the person who sent you these letters in going to murder your best friend today at 3:33 AM”. My hands started to shake and I fell on my knees and answered “Please, do something! Save her!” The officer said “today at midnight, we will meet you at your friend’s house at 3 o’clock and we are going to surround the house and wait for the murderer to come”.
Night fell, and I was at my friend’s house with her in her bed room and the house was surrounded by the police. Suddenly, we heard a person right outside the door scream and we heard loads of gunshots. We thought we should probably call the officer and tell him to check on the doorstep. But before we could call, a tall guy in a black suit with a black mask came in and pointed the gun towards my friend. Our hearts beat faster than ever. But, a bullet passed right through the window behind us, and the killer was found dead on the floor.
The police came in the bedroom, and took the mask of the killers face. My friend started crying the time we saw the killer. When I asked her why she was crying, she looked at me sadly and replied “It will surprise you how brothers can treat their sisters for the sake of revenge”.
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Comments 25
Sabeen Awesome story Sabeen
Jun 27th 2017
Abdul Ali CooooooooooooooooooooooooLLLl Abdul Ali
May 24th 2017
jasmine Nice Jasmine
Oct 31st 2016
Wania People I just want to tell you that if I decline your friend requests don't be dishearted. I am confused with your names whether you are a boy or a girl. I only accept girls friends requests not boys. Wania
Sep 26th 2016
Wania Do you all get vshine magazine every month?? Wania
Sep 23rd 2016
Wafa So amazing Wafa
Sep 10th 2016
Jungkook's Superb story! Jungkook's
Aug 20th 2016
Jungkook's OMG! I just noticed today that you are from Manarat! I'm from Manarat Al Riyadh International School. Jungkook's
Aug 20th 2016
Aug 7th 2016
Irza U r a total winner Irza
Jul 27th 2016
Jul 22nd 2016
Layba Awsomeeee👌🏻 Layba
Jul 13th 2016
Vania Wow awesome and interesting story i love it well done plz write another story of a same type plz plz it was so amazing.................. Vania
Jun 28th 2016
Fizza So ...... i dont have words to say for this story just amazing....... Fizza
Jun 26th 2016
yumna Welldone Yumna
Jun 19th 2016
iqra A great story ..weldone!!!! Iqra
Jun 17th 2016
Aden You are a superb writer!Well done! Aden
Jun 15th 2016
Jungkook's Cool story! Jungkook's
Jun 12th 2016
Ayesha i can't understand that what it mean bu t the story is great Ayesha
May 29th 2016
Admin Coooooool Admin
Apr 19th 2016
Apr 6th 2016
Wania Does it means that the girls brother was taking revenge Wania
Mar 26th 2016
subhana Whatever it means BTW the story is still nice Subhana
Mar 24th 2016
MARYAM What???? Maryam
Mar 17th 2016
Aliza  What that supposed to mean Aliza
Mar 14th 2016

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