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Habiba Hamid
Habiba Hamid
Jaffar Public School
Society And Education
Published On Jun 27th 2011
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According to me, the society is very unfair towards its female sector. When a girl comes of age she is thrust into a world where she has to keep herself adorned at all times, show respect to all and show that she is a capable to-be, daughter-in-law. Ladies come and inspect her with curious eyes, just like inspecting a property and weighing the pros and cons. And finally proposals from various families arrive and the best suitor is chosen. The girl is then engaged and wedded off.
During this no one understands what the girl has to surpass except the girl herself. She feels like a toy displayed at a window case while passer-bys stop to look at her and finding her unsuitable, walk away. We know that one day our prince charming mother will come and take us way, so what’s the hurry? A girl is as much in need of education as any boy, and should be given the opportunity to pursue her career if she wishes.
Most people think that girls are made to tend to children and the household, while men are the working hands of the family. To some extent I agree but this does not mean that women have no right to job. There may come a time when they may be forced to do it. Even research has proved that if women were to take part in business, then the country would flourish. But apparently that is not considered preferable.
We look at the other girls our age and praise and admire them for what they have accomplished. We can only dream of becoming like them because of the rules and regulations set out for us. If we want to be prominent in sports, we are told that we should concentrate on grooming ourselves; if we want to be educated and dream of going to a university then the environment is not good for us; we can’t learn to drive because we are not yet ready and are underage; and lots more.
We are taught that we must not depend on others for our needs, but when we try to be independent, we are told that the outside world is not good enough for us.
Thus, I believe that a girl should be given the freedom to make her own choices. Guidance should be given by elders but we must not be forced to adopt their choice. We should be given the authority to make our own judgment. If we make mistakes we will learn and it will not be in the failure.
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Comments 3
Ashna U know this is not the case for girls in all societies.... Ashna
Jul 6th 2011
Habiba Thank you!! Habiba
Jul 2nd 2011
No Its verrrrrrrrrrrry good! No
Jun 30th 2011

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