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Rida Zeeshan Siddiqui
Rida Zeeshan Siddiqui
Beaconhouse School System
Importance Of Plants In Our Daily Lives
Published On Mar 7th 2016
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A true friend is the one who stands with us during the good times as well as the difficult ones. So we can regard trees as our best friends because they have stood with us for centuries providing us with food and fuel, and meeting many of our other needs. They play a very important role in our daily life. We cannot truly live without them.
Trees give us timber, paper and firewood. Timber is used in making houses, train compartments, big boxes, tools and various other things. Without paper life will certainly be harder for us. Paper is necessary for study and writing. People in villages use firewood to cook meals. They use wood to build houses, huts and carts. Trees also give us food, gum and medicine.
They also add beauty to life. Gardens cannot be beautiful without them. We need them for oxygen and good health. Trees also help to control pollution. They absorb carbon dioxide and provide us with oxygen. They improve our environment. Trees also cause rainfall and protect water resources under the ground. They prevent floods and droughts. Trees give us so many things; therefore we should try our best to grow more trees. Our Government and social welfare societies should start movements. There should be awards for those who grow more trees.
Plants serve us in many different ways .They provide us with, rubber, fruits, nuts, medicinal herbs , oil and many other things. They keep our environment clean and fresh. They take in the carbon dioxide that we give out, and in return, give us oxygen. This is the most essential thing in our lives! They give us shade throughout the year, and they even attract rain clouds. The roots of plants and trees also prevent soil erosion which is a very disastrous thing if it happens.
 Forests are very important in preserving the balance of the eco-system. They provide sanctuary to wild animals and they help to prevent soil erosion.
Flowers are wonderful creations of nature and are one of the most beautiful gifts of nature too. Flowers are very important in every sphere of human life. Flower arrangement of various designs and types are available for making wonderful occasions of our life more cherished. Several occasions in our society such as birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, weddings, etc. need flowers to celebrate. Colorful and fragrant flowers make every occasion bright, happy, cheerful and charming. Flowers are used to express our happiness and also bring color to our lives.
 People of all ages, from child to old people love flowers. Gifting flowers is an affectionate expression of love to our dear ones. Hence, flowers are a must in each and every occasion of our life. Flowers play an important role in making the life of a human being more cheerful and happy. People use flowers in several forms and on several occasions. Flowers are used as beautiful flower arrangements for decorating homes. Flowers are also used for their beautiful scents and aroma’s from which the flower of rose has the most wonderful aroma. Apart from above said uses, there are several other uses of flowers in various activities of our daily life which make our life bright and colorful.
Unfortunately, mankind has been cutting down forests without thinking that what they mean to us or what they mean to the animals. This has resulted in a very bad manner. Considerable decrease in rainfall in some places has occurred, and floods in others. The world temperatures are rising because of the decrease in the tree cover. Here is an example, it is said that back in the time, Rajasthan was not the desert it is today. Rajasthan has become a desert because of the cutting down of tree cover.
Humans have just begun to realize the importance of plants. Plants are like the lungs of the world, and without them, all living things are bound to finish completely. The only way we can save these faithful and wonderful friends is by creating awareness amongst people of the world of importance of the plants. Children should be taught the importance of plants from a very young age. Forest land should be protected. For every one tree that we cut, we should grow at least two more plants.
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Comments 6
Nisha Well I am nature lover and I liked it very much Nisha
Apr 17th 2017
Wania Agree with Rida! Wania
Jan 11th 2017
Rida Mohammad Omer, it's an essay bro, it's SUPPOSED to be long! Rida
Dec 4th 2016
cutegirl Superb! Cutegirl
Nov 17th 2016
Wania Awesome! Wania
Jun 13th 2016
Mohammad Omer Woah that's just way too LONG!!! Mohammad Omer
Jun 3rd 2016

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