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Maha Rashid
Maha Rashid
The Mama Parsi School
Published On Feb 19th 2016
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May 2017

Rank 8 Out of 10
We compare our lives with others,
But never look inside ourselves and reveal our talent,
And who we really are as a person, the one who is simply perfect,
We never look back on the achievements we have made,
The moments full of ecstasy and mirth, instead
We compare ourselves with others
We are never contended, of what we have
And don’t think you aren’t one of them, who act like this
This is a very habitual characteristic amongst us beings
Which can easily be cured but we deny it, instead                   
We compare ourselves with others,
So let’s get up! Be elated with what you’re granted with
And halt ourselves from envy and jealousy,
And proclaim aloud, that
We won’t compare ourselves with others.
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Comments 5
yashfeen Congrats Yashfeen
Sep 24th 2017
Yaseera Nice 1 and congrats Yaseera
Sep 23rd 2017
Aiza Pthe message is really noble Aiza
Jun 17th 2017
Wania Compare ourselves with each other and find out our mistakes not degrade the one u are comparing the way thumbs up👍 Wania
Mar 26th 2016
Maha This is a poem to make us realise the fact that we should not degrade ourselves and compare ourselves with each other. God has made us and he adds every dingle intricate detail to us humans. We should be thankful. This very poem stresses upon human behaviour and emotions. Maha
Mar 7th 2016

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