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Aden Seerat
Aden Seerat
Bloomfield Hall School
Published On Mar 7th 2016
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Where am I? asked the little girl looking at the doctor. You are at the hospital, do you remember anything? No! she replied. You had a car accident, you were the only one to survive but you had a memory loss. Who was I going with? she asked. The doctor hesitated and then replied your parents. The girl got a terrible headache and closed her eyes. She had a vision if her going in a car with a man and woman which must have been her parents. She opened her eyes and asked the doctor who brought her here.A man and three children. They told us that they are your uncle and cousins. We will discharge you soon and don’t forget to take something we recovered from the scene. Just then a man and three children entered.We want to talk alone, the man said.The doctor left. Are you my uncle and cousins?No!they all replied. Suddenly, the man turned into a child Please don’t freak out! he said but that was what she exactly did.
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Comments 11
ifsah Next part plzz..its quite pointless Ifsah
Nov 6th 2016
Musfira Next part? Musfira
Jul 22nd 2016
mahrukh Cant understand Mahrukh
Jul 9th 2016
Fizza Next part !! next part!!next part!! Fizza
Jun 25th 2016
Admin Is taht complete Admin
Apr 19th 2016
Irza WHAT!!!!!!!! is it an alien or something?nxt part pls. Irza
Apr 6th 2016
Wania Next part?????? Wania
Apr 2nd 2016
Minahil What is exactly the point? Minahil
Mar 28th 2016
Aliza  Aamir Wait......what?? Aliza Aamir
Mar 18th 2016
Fatima Publish the next part! Fatima
Mar 8th 2016
Aden Please spread it! Aden
Mar 8th 2016

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