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Asfandyar Khan
Asfandyar Khan
Mother Fell In The Gutter
Published On Mar 7th 2016
Total Comments : 36
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Once there was a boy carrying toys in shopping bag, and the toys fell in the gutter and the boy's father says: The things that fall in the gutter should not be picked up, we will buy more toys. Next day the boy's mother fell down into the gutter, and the boy says: Dad you said that the things that fall into the gutter should not be picked up, we will buy one more mom. 
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Comments 36
Sabeen Stupid Sabeen
Dec 19th 2017
Fatima This joke is soo old Fatima
Sep 12th 2017
Jungkook's Yashal I agree with you. Like, I mean... Jungkook's
Jan 17th 2017
zinnia Good one Zinnia
Jan 4th 2017
Ayesha Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much funny I like it Ayesha
Dec 29th 2016
Aiza Saqifa it is a joke not a story funny by the way Aiza
Dec 27th 2016
Muhaba I like Muhaba
Dec 6th 2016
cutegirl Hahhahahahaha:D funny Cutegirl
Nov 17th 2016
Jungkook's Not funny at all. No offense. Jungkook's
Nov 3rd 2016
Afrah Very funny Afrah
Oct 18th 2016
summaiya Exactly its a bad joke Summaiya
Sep 30th 2016
Wajeeha Masood Funny Wajeeha Masood
Sep 19th 2016
Ghania NYC:) Ghania
Jul 31st 2016
Musfira Good but in reality dont do it! Musfira
Jul 20th 2016
subhana Haha really funny Subhana
Jul 16th 2016
mahrukh Agree with Wania and Yashal Mahrukh
Jul 9th 2016
Fizza Lol funny!! Fizza
Jun 23rd 2016
wania Yashal you are right its a bad joke and not funny Wania
Jun 22nd 2016
Irza Lol! dad ko bhi pooch lo Irza
Jun 19th 2016
muhammad Cool joke Muhammad
Jun 16th 2016
HAFSA Hahahahahahahahaha funny Hafsa
Jun 6th 2016
Shaheer Yeah..Just Fine.... Shaheer
Jun 1st 2016
Wania Hehehehehehehehehe Wania
Jun 1st 2016
muhammad Very funny joke Muhammad
May 21st 2016
mehdi Funny Mehdi
Apr 6th 2016
Bint waseem Nice one Bint Waseem
Mar 30th 2016
Muhammad Bhai maa ani si jeri gatter wich gir gai? Muhammad
Mar 30th 2016
MUSFIRAH Very funnnnnnnnyy Musfirah
Mar 25th 2016
Tasneem Nice one Tasneem
Mar 20th 2016
Aimen Sooooooo funny Aimen
Mar 18th 2016
Saqifa ''Mother fell in the gutter'' Ha! Ha! It looks so funny by the title, but in the story, that's good. Saqifa
Mar 17th 2016
yashal I think its a bad joke;/ Yashal
Mar 16th 2016
Maida Hahahhhahhahhah! Maida
Mar 16th 2016
Aqsa Hahahahaha Its so funny Aqsa
Mar 12th 2016
Baneen Not funny... Fine Baneen
Mar 12th 2016
Bushra Its just fine Bushra
Mar 9th 2016

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