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Asfandyar Khan
Asfandyar Khan
A Scary Story
Published On Mar 7th 2016
Total Comments : 22
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This story is true and it’s about me.

I was sleeping, and when i woke up there was no one around me. I tried to find my mom and brother everywhere in the house. But i could not found them, then i go looked outside the house but i could not found them. I was too scared then i went back to the house and i saw my mom watching drama on TV, and my brother was playing games on computer. I was too scared, and what just happened was just too weird.

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Comments 22
hafsa Come on guys I think he is new on this website just don't bully him and he is writing for the first time Hafsa
Jul 30th 2017
ifsah Toooo short but u could add some more the way its nice Ifsah
Nov 6th 2016
Phoenix Nice.. Phoenix
Oct 16th 2016
Noorish Well if its your first time then good Noorish
Sep 2nd 2016
Hamza Good try Hamza
Sep 1st 2016
sajahir Good story and if it is your first time those guys who wrote negative comments you should appreciatp her not discourage her Sajahir
Aug 23rd 2016
Abdul Rehman Well Try, but before posting your story, make sure that you have written all the sentences Grammatically, non-grammatically written stories sound to be too boring. Abdul Rehman
Aug 3rd 2016
Musfira HMM! Actually maybe if i am not wrong he have written for the first time and if it is the truth it is a good story Musfira
Jul 22nd 2016
Berha What are you expecting for a real scary story Mahrukh? A giant lizard riding on a fire breathing dragon guarded by zombies and ghosts? It is short though and weird and interesting. You could make it a little longer Asfandyar. Berha
Jul 9th 2016
mahrukh Not scary Mahrukh
Jul 9th 2016
Hadia Nice story but too shorttttttt plz try again for more intersting scary story ..................................... Hadia
Jun 28th 2016
Fizza Weird and funny but shorrrrrrrt!!!! Fizza
Jun 25th 2016
saba It is nothing that much scary Saba
Jun 19th 2016
iqra A short story ...should add some more interesting things Iqra
Jun 17th 2016
Jungkook's Interesting,but some grammar mistakes,and the story is too short. Jungkook's
Jun 12th 2016
Wania Good try. Wania
Jun 12th 2016
Khansa Interesting! Khansa
Apr 21st 2016
Maryam Good, but some grammar mistakes. Maryam
Apr 9th 2016
Irza Good but u could elaborate on it a little bit more. Irza
Apr 6th 2016
Heba Write a little more. Good Heba
Mar 27th 2016
subhana SUPER DUPER shooooooorrttt Subhana
Mar 24th 2016
Aliza  Toooooooo short Aliza
Mar 18th 2016

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