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Khansa Noor
Khansa Noor
Viqar-un-nisa Girls Higher Seconday School
The Human Heart
Published On Mar 7th 2016
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May 2015

Rank 9 Out of 10
Annie was a 15 year old girl. She belonged to a middle class family.She was the only child of her parents.They were not so rich but they were a happy family.One morning when she woke up,saw her father sitting depressed.Her mother was in the kitchen making breakfast.She ran towards her father and put her hands on her father's knee. "Oh Baba!what happened to you?.You look sick. Have you taken your medicines?"She was sitting on her knees while her father was sitting on the sofa.He held her arms and asked her to sit on the sofa."You know darling, I can't see you in pain then why are you sitting on the floor in this cold weather?" Annie became upset and said "Baba just answer me first!.You know that doctors have said if you will not take your medicines daily you may have a heart attack. She was having tears in her eyes.Her father smiled at her and said "You are my brave child, are'nt you? After me you will take care of your mother. She's not as brave as you". He was also having tears in his eyes but was smiling. She cleaned her eyes with her sleeves and put her fingers on her father's lips"Shhh...nothing will happen to you".Her mother voice came from the kitchen "Breakfast is ready!!".After two days her father suffered from a heart attack and doctor recommended him by pass. The very next day her mother went to hospital with some juices and her father's clothes. She insisted to go but her mother refused as her exams were over her head. She was sitting on a study table then suddenly something clicked in her mind, the study table on which she was sitting was gifted by her father on her 15th birthday. Tears from her eyes began to fall from her cheeks and again something clicked in her mind,this time it was a poem which her father used to read and always read it loud that's why she learned that poem. The title of the poem was "The HUman Heart" "How little it takes to please a human heart. Then the bell rang she thought "It must be Mama". She opened the door and yes it was her mother."You look so worried Mama. what happened?Is Baba alright?"."Yes my dear,tomorrow's your father's by pass", she replied. Next morning Annie and her mother went to hospital. As usual when she entered the room her father was smiling. She smiled back.He kissed her forehead. Annie sat down beside him."Do you remember that poem Qurut-ul-ain,the human heart?"Her father was the only one who call her real name."Yes I dp", she replied."How little it takes to bleed a human heart". Her father sighed."Don't worry Baba you will be alright". He smiled at his daughter and said "You are my pride"."I know", she replied.And they both laughed. Then he was taken to operation theatre. After some hours doctor came she ran towards him and asked "Is my Baba okay?Can I meet him?".The doctor didn’t say anything even he was not facing Annie as he also had a heart and cannot face this little girl. She understood what had happened. Her mother was crying loudly and her aunt was consoling her. Annie didn’t speak a word, her heart was sinking and eyes were flooding with tears. No voice was coming in her ears except her father's voice singing that poem" And how little it takes to break a human heart....a word half-spoken and a word unspoken", just like the doctor did. She was stuck. Her father's words were coming in her mind" You are my pride, you are my brave child, you will take care of you mother". She ran towards her mother and hugged her "Don't worry Mama he will always be in our hearts, yes a human heart can also have some memories in it", she smiled."I'll make his dream come true, I'll become a doctor". She was thinking and was also smiling just like that when smiled at her Baba. Everyone was staring her but she was satisfied. One thing was still burning in her mind that who will call her "Qurut-ul-ain" now?
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Comments 82
Fatima It is so nice. I love this story . Fatima
Mar 20th 2018
Khansa That's so sweet of u Urooj!❤Thank u ❤ Khansa
Sep 24th 2017
Maheen So heart touching story Maheen
Sep 1st 2017
Sakifay Mary Breath taking I coulnt have swallowed my saliva when i read the doctors reaction Sakifay Mary
Aug 14th 2017
Fiza Really touched my heart. Fiza
Jul 19th 2017
Fiza Really touched my heart Fiza
Jul 19th 2017
Urooj Api because you are older than me😊 Urooj
Jul 6th 2017
Urooj Congrats khansa api. Urooj
Jul 6th 2017
Urooj Really heart touching omg. 😭😭 Urooj
Jul 6th 2017
Laiba So tragic , it really made me feel the importance of parents.........Gud job! Laiba
Jun 16th 2017
Aiza I want to ask that do vshine team make winners during publishing a story. Aiza
Jan 15th 2017
Khadija Marvellous story I loved it Khadija
Nov 12th 2016
Khadija Marvellous story I love it Khadija
Nov 12th 2016
ifsah A very heart touching but story i love it Ifsah
Nov 2nd 2016
Phoenix Very nice:) Phoenix
Oct 31st 2016
jasmine It was heart touching Jasmine
Oct 29th 2016
Khansa I almost wrote this story 2 to 3 times then they got it published now I am trying to publish my some more stories but I dont know why they are not publishing Khansa
Oct 26th 2016
Aiza How much time did your story take to be published here??????????? Aiza
Oct 19th 2016
manail Added! Manail
Oct 13th 2016
Asbaat Ali I was going to weep when doctor did'nt said anything Asbaat Ali
Sep 25th 2016
Wania Your welcome Wania
Sep 23rd 2016
Aiza Heart touching! great job Khansa.I want to know how much time did your story take to be published here??????????? Aiza
Sep 21st 2016
Isha A/A Khansa Noor that was an amazing emotional story that was miserable made us all feel sad.Brilliant efforts MASHALLAH. Isha
Sep 14th 2016
Khansa Thank u so much everyone for praising.Soon I will upload my new stories hope u guys will read them too. :) Khansa
Sep 13th 2016
Wafa The best story i have ever read keep it up khansa you deserve to be a winner this was a truly wonderful story & very heart touching thumbs up for khansa Wafa
Sep 10th 2016
Umaima Really heart touching Umaima
Sep 9th 2016
Hania Heart touching story. Loved it Hania
Sep 8th 2016
Subhana Touching Subhana
Sep 5th 2016
Fiza Soooooo sorry it was a mistake Fiza
Sep 2nd 2016
Fiza I am sorry but Yashfeen was mistaken actually she is your big fan. Fiza
Aug 31st 2016
sajahir Heart it....................make me almost cry Sajahir
Aug 23rd 2016
Khansa My fan?haha thank you very much for this honour to your sister azka Khansa
Aug 21st 2016
Fiza This story is wonderful and you deserve to be a winner Fiza
Aug 19th 2016
yashfeen hey my sister azka is a big fan of you Yashfeen
Aug 14th 2016
hamda Excellent job really deserve it.......when i knew that you, yourself wrote it was really fabulous.........thumbs up for u khanza.... Hamda
Aug 14th 2016
Irza Very heart touching and caring story.WELL DONE! Irza
Aug 5th 2016
Wania But its about almost an year and vshine is not publishing any of my jokes that were sent on different days. I wonder what's wrong.🤔 Wania
Aug 4th 2016
Shayan Heart Touching!!!!! Brilliant!!!!!!!! Shayan
Jul 25th 2016
Khansa Yeah I wrote it by my own.And thank u everybody :) Khansa
Jul 24th 2016
sowiba Wow this story is soo heart touching did u write it own your ownnn u are very amazinggg keep it up dear just made me nearlyy cryyy Sowiba
Jul 22nd 2016
Musfira Touching Musfira
Jul 21st 2016
yashfeen Heart touching story Yashfeen
Jul 17th 2016
Ibrahim I liked the story. It is a real one. Well done! IBRAHIM 16/7/2016 Ibrahim
Jul 16th 2016
Aimen Sad story. Congratulations Khansa.Keep it up. Aimen
Jul 2nd 2016
Gul Noor Hey, guys I don't know if any of my old friends are still here but munkashay, if u still visit (though your last comment was more than a year ago) please let me know. cause that's all I came back here for. Gul Noor
Jun 30th 2016
Berha Wania sorry 4 late reply. It would take about 3 or 4 days but I don't know what's wrong with Vshine nowadays. I mean I published my story and it's been more than half a year (Six months). Again Khansa, double thumbs-up. Heart touching Berha
Jun 27th 2016
Fizza Its the best story heart touching i almost wanted to cry ! Fizza
Jun 25th 2016
mahrukh Well done Mahrukh
Jun 25th 2016
Momina Congratulations! Momina
Jun 25th 2016
Areej Heart touching story almost made me cry :'( Areej
Jun 23rd 2016
Jungkook's Lovely story,and congratulations for the prize. Jungkook's
Jun 12th 2016
Wania Hey Berha can you tell me that how much yime does it takes a joke to get publish? Wania
Jun 12th 2016
yumna I love this storyyyyyyyyyyyy................good job:-) Yumna
Jun 6th 2016
Haniya Hello can somebody please be my friend i am new Haniya
Jun 4th 2016
Berha Ramla, if you didn't sign in and sent the story then you may have to do it again. Khansa you totally deserve to be the winner, congratulations. Berha
May 30th 2016
Wania Awesome...hert touching story Wania
May 26th 2016
Nabiha I am crying it was very heart touching u deserve it Nabiha
May 15th 2016
Afrah Soooooo gooooooood Afrah
Apr 22nd 2016
Ramla I like this story. Hey, people I am new here. I added a story to my page before confirming my email. But on my page, it says to add something. Does it mean that I have to write the story all over again? Ramla
Apr 20th 2016
Admin Ur story very touch Admin
Apr 19th 2016
Momina You deserve to be a winner.this story touch my heart. Momina
Apr 5th 2016
Momina Hello! I am i new member of v shine i want somebody to be my friend.The story touch my heart and you also deserve to be a page winner.Superb. Momina
Apr 5th 2016
ayesha Hello Iam a new member on vshine. Please someone be my friend I have no frnds. By the way nice story Ayesha
Apr 4th 2016
Heba Nice Heba
Mar 27th 2016
Wania Congratulations Wania
Mar 26th 2016
Eraj Awesome story!! I really liked it :) Eraj
Mar 24th 2016
Tasneem NICE ONE Tasneem
Mar 20th 2016
Mohammed Emotionaa a lot Mohammed
Mar 18th 2016
yashal Really good and very very heart touching story but in the end it was a very good one specially the second last line!!!!good effort Khansa Noor Yashal
Mar 18th 2016
Maida Heart touching story u deserve to be a page winner congratulations! Maida
Mar 17th 2016
Aden Very sad story Aden
Mar 17th 2016
Berha That was too sad bt it was gud Berha
Mar 16th 2016
Khansa Thank u Irza,Aimen and fatima :) Khansa
Mar 16th 2016
Aimen Wonderful Aimen
Mar 15th 2016
Irza AWWWW.grt Irza
Mar 13th 2016
Fatima Sad story Fatima
Mar 13th 2016
Fatima Sad story Fatima
Mar 13th 2016
Khansa Thank u everyone 😊 Khansa
Mar 11th 2016
fatima Sad story but nyc! Fatima
Mar 11th 2016
Aqsa That was a very very very sad story : ( Aqsa
Mar 11th 2016
Aliza  Almost made me weep Aliza
Mar 9th 2016
Ahmed Heart-touching Ahmed
Mar 8th 2016

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