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Amna Sohail
Amna Sohail
Manarat Al Riyadh
The Lost Ones
Published On Jan 19th 2016
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In 1995 there were 4 friends who went for one night they all met at a park  and Hadia called her dad to pick and drop them near a graveyard so that they can do there camping there cause it would be pretty creepy and fun.
They reached near the creepiest graveyard and build their camps there. By the time they were done it was evening so Amna said “ let’s go and look for some woods so we can have some light at night.”
One of them went to search in the graveyard. She started hearing some weird voices, so she ran out of there, and told her friends. They all laughed and said your just imagining stuff. She thought yes maybe their right.
So they all set the fire, and went in the tents. Fatina started hearing those voices again, so she went out to the graveyard. She asked them(the voices) “who are u and why are you calling me” the voices then stopped. Then she saw a red light and fainted.
The next morning they all woke up and ate their breakfast ,they were surprised that Fatina wasn’t awake since she was always the first one to wake up. They checked her tent and she was not there.
They though she probably went to get some woods, since the old woods were already burned. Amna said “I will check in the graveyard because that’s where she went last time”
When she went there she found fatina on the ground. She yelled “fatina, fatina wake up!”. Fatina woke up with red colored eyes
Amna asked her if she was sleep walking at night Fatina replied rudely and said “not your business”
Amna was shocked about why fatina was rude , she thought that maybe fatina just woke up so she is so irritated . amna toke Fatina to the camp side ,she was mean to everyone  , leen told fatina to have some rest and stay at the camp .
After leen came out of fatina’s tent , she ran up to amna and hadia, who were  standing next to the graveyard and said “ guys did u look at those legs? ” amna said “whose? Leen replied “ fatina’s of course “  “no why?” hadia tensely spoke .  “THEY WERE TILTED” leen said with a shock , hadia screamed and shouted “WHAT THE..”  “ lower that voice” leen whispered
Amna then said “ what if it’s like those horror movies.
“What do you mean” hadia questioned .
“ well , maybe she is possessed or something “ amna said . “ by what?” leen asked . “ listen remember when we came here and fatina went to the graveyard for the woods and came back telling us about those voices she heard? Maybe she might’ve seen something horrifying and now she is being followed by it .
Leen and hadia got Goosebumps . after a few minutes the girls heard someone laughing , no wonder , it was fatina .
She was staring at the graveyard . amna got pushed by hadia towards fatina , amna gave a furious look at hadia like “ imma kill you after this”  . hadia told her with body language to talk to fatina . amna thought if she acts normal . and acts as if it’s all normal . fatina won’t be as weird as she was last night . taking a deep breath amna goes to fatina . as amna stood beside fatina  , fatina suddenly fainted .. amna checked her pulse and got a shock . she screamed “ YOU GUYS  , COME HERE NOW !!! “ they came running  “ what happened “
“She’s died “ amna cried . they all started crying . after a while they all buried her . amna was confused because she was the one who saw the mystery death happen .
Amna then stood up and walked out of her tent and called leen and hadia and told them what exactly happen. “when I was standing next to fatina she was still and wasn’t moving a muscle . I think she died before she went in the graveyard.” Said amna. Then hadia said “ so you mean to say that someone killed her” . “ so basically she was died but laughing and standing , o my god I absolutely believe you “ leen said with an annoying expression .
 “ What if it was someone else and not fatina “ amna exclaimed . then they all decided to go the graveyard and see who it was . as they reached , they saw a man standing behind the  bushes , they ran to the bushes but found nothing . so then amna said “what if he is a ghost “ …”lets go a little closer . “ hadia spoke . “ NO WAY”
They all shouted .. hadia went close . after a while amna and leen started getting all worried . so they starting walking and suddenly hadia appears . “where where it’s been like an hour “ amna shouted . “I was looking for that man but couldn’t find him” hadia spoke with an evil smile .
They went back to the camp side .” let’s get some rest “  leen said . hadia said “ I’m going to go look for something to eat on the other side of the camp . amna knew something was up with hadia so she followed her  . like hadia said . she went to look for food . suddenly while amna was following hadia  , fatina appears in front of amna . she got confused . “ how r u alive “ amna questions.
Fatina was very scared  . amna asked “what happened ‘ .
“later , not now “ fatina whispered.
“Where is she going “ fatina asked amna .
“Looking for food I guess , probably not “
“I know what he is looking for”
“He?” Amna asked fatina
“I was captured by a ghost and he buried me alive. I have no idea how im alive . but before he buried me he said he wants the golden heart” . fatina proclaimed . “and when he gets he will be back “ .
Amna said that we must stop him . but then fatina said “ to stop him we must kill hadia “
“What . NO” amna shouted
“that’s not hadia it’s the ghost hadia is  buried somewhere “ fatina said.
Fatina and amna when to the  camp side . and amna woke leen .
She told her the story .
They opened the grave and pulled hadia out of it .
They explained everything .
“when ghost was burying me he gave me a spear and told me IF you get out of this grave . kill him with it’’
Amna took the spear and they ran to the ghost . they all found him, but it was too late .
He found the golden heard and came back to life .
Leen was angry . and aimed it at the ghost and throw it .
They ghost died .
They ran back took their stuff called their parents and waited . while they were waiting . the ghost came back . “ u really think I will be died “ . he killed them all. When their dad came . he couldn’t find then . and suddenly he saw their dead bodies .
Will he kill the dad too?
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Comments 21
hafsa Admin pleeeeeeeeeeease, publish my stuuuuuuuuuufffffff! (I am sorry if you mind Hafsa
Jul 30th 2017
Anna Loads of grammar mistakes. Get it checked by an elder before you publish a story next time. Anna
Feb 4th 2017
Jungkook's What?! I was in Manarat Al Riyadh for 8 years! OMG! I LOVE THAT SCHOOL! IT IS THE BEST AMONG ANY SCHOOL IN RIYADH! Jungkook's
Nov 3rd 2016
Wania Welcome Wania
Sep 23rd 2016
Jungkook's 😉 Jungkook's
Aug 18th 2016
Vania So imtersting story love it very good Vania
Jun 28th 2016
Fizza This is the best story ever !! this should be the winner !! Fizza
Jun 26th 2016
Jungkook's Creepy,amazing story! Jungkook's
Jun 12th 2016
Aliza  Hey admin, i wanna ask how can i publish my poems on the magazine ? Aliza
May 5th 2016
Admin Coooooooool and superb Admin
Apr 19th 2016
amna Dear friends ,I seriously don't know what to say about the part 2 but I think I might make one and thou it was a school group work in which my friends and I worked hard and I will ask then if they want to make part 2 and I am being sort of sure that they will say "yes" and thank u so much for loving it I am sure the story u guys post are also lovely and nice , Amna💙💜 Amna
Apr 6th 2016
Wania I think that it should be the winner Wania
Apr 2nd 2016
Wania I like creepy and mysterious stories....try not to make so much grammar mistakes Wania
Mar 26th 2016
sumiya Is there a part 2. please make a part 2. Sumiya
Mar 5th 2016
MARYAM Gud!!! is there a next part?? Maryam
Feb 25th 2016
Haniya Wow sooooo........ cool Haniya
Feb 15th 2016
Irza WOW Irza
Feb 3rd 2016
Aliza  Hmmm.............. nice one and a bit creepy i mean i love creepy stories but will you continue it or this is the nd Aliza
Jan 26th 2016
Raneem Omg nice n creepy story... Raneem
Jan 23rd 2016
Aden Exiting!!!! Aden
Jan 23rd 2016
Aden Exiting!!!! Aden
Jan 23rd 2016

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