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Musfira Sultana Siddiqui
Musfira Sultana Siddiqui
St. Joseph College For Women
Allah And Muhammad (pbuh)
Published On Jan 19th 2016
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Comments 27
Safa FANTABULASTIC!!! it's really awesome I'll show u something later (i'll post it). Well,it's OLD ENGLISH Safa
Oct 21st 2017
Musfira Sultana JazakAllah, Wafa. Haha Yashal :P Musfira Sultana
Oct 1st 2017
qurratul Fatima...!!!!!!!! In which campus of upss u r in????????????????????? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont forget to reply me..............whenever u read this reply me MUST.........................!!!!!!!!!!!! Qurratul
Feb 12th 2017
Wania We both have a good quality! 😂😂 Wania
Jan 8th 2017
yashal Wania me too lol trying to guess age by the dp LOL XD Yashal
Oct 20th 2016
Wafa So nice mashalah Wafa
Sep 28th 2016
Wania I am 😊😊 Wania
Sep 23rd 2016
Musfira Sultana Thank you, Izra and Hamna! Musfira Sultana
Sep 14th 2016
Aug 19th 2016
Irza So beautiful mashallah. allah has given u an amazing talent.keep it up! Irza
Aug 1st 2016
Musfira Sultana JazakAllah Khair ^_^ Musfira Sultana
Jul 16th 2016
Noorish Mashallah Subhanallah Its so good Noorish
Jul 12th 2016
Musfira Sultana Thank you! Musfira Sultana
Jul 1st 2016
mahrukh Good Mahrukh
Jun 25th 2016
mahed Good Mahed
Jun 24th 2016
Musfira Sultana Thank you, Ayesha and Pretty girl :3 You're too clever Wania :D Musfira Sultana
Jun 5th 2016
HAFSA MASHALLAH ,SO BEAUTIFUL,and AMAZING drawing .keep it up. Hafsa
Jun 4th 2016
Wania Really...i wonder what happened to me....i thought your age by your profile pic...hehehehehehehe😂😂😂😂 Wania
Jun 3rd 2016
Ayesha Marvellous Ayesha
Jun 1st 2016
Musfira Sultana Wania, haha. JazakAllah, Maryam and Fatima! <3 Musfira Sultana
May 22nd 2016
fatimah Amazing!!!!!!! Fatimah
Apr 4th 2016
Maryam Mashallah...... Maryam
Mar 29th 2016
Wania I thought u were a 7 or 8 grader...seriously but i came to know that u r not in the age group i thought Wania
Mar 26th 2016
Musfira Sultana Wania, jazakAllah for your appreciation. I'm trying my level best to do MBBS from a good university, InnShaaAllah and side by side I dream to become an artist ^_^ Musfira Sultana
Mar 8th 2016
Wania Very are a really good artist...please tell me what will you be when you get older Wania
Mar 5th 2016
Musfira Sultana JazakAllah, Dua. :D Musfira Sultana
Jan 26th 2016
duaa MASHALLAH! well done good job! AMAZING talent also comment my drawing too Duaa
Jan 20th 2016

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