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Mahrukh Kafeel
Mahrukh Kafeel
The Punjab School
Published On Jan 19th 2016
Total Comments : 24
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Comments 24
Maheen Wow nice and amazing pic Maheen
Aug 27th 2017
Aiza Good Aiza
Aug 2nd 2017
Wafa Lovely Wafa
Sep 28th 2016
Ayesha Nice drawing Ayesha
Sep 24th 2016
mahed Hi vgood and preety Mahed
Sep 9th 2016
Aug 19th 2016
Noorish Wow nice pic Noorish
Jul 12th 2016
mahrukh Hi mahed how do you do Mahrukh
Jun 25th 2016
mahrukh Thx mahed Mahrukh
Jun 24th 2016
mahed V.good Mahed
Jun 20th 2016
mahed Hi maharukh Mahed
Jun 20th 2016
mahed Wow Mahed
Jun 19th 2016
duaa MAHRUKH! well she was my BESTEST FRIEND in my previous school well you can ask her that eman do you remember duaa? Well, i had asked her already about you she said yes mahrukh read in my class, well its ok for late reply :). wow kya itafaq hai. so i was thinking about coming in township campus anyways thanks <3 i have her number too!! Duaa
Jun 18th 2016
mahrukh And her roll no is also 35 Mahrukh
Jun 2nd 2016
mahrukh Sory for late reply but duaa there is a fellow in my class named eman ijaz Mahrukh
Jun 2nd 2016
duaa Mahrukh please tell me in which section do you read in your class i think so their is EMAN IJAZ named and 35 roll no Duaa
Mar 29th 2016
duaa Mahrukh in which section do you read pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tell me! actually my bestest friend of my previous school read in this school so in which section do you read she is in yellow and u!?????? Duaa
Mar 25th 2016
Wania Amazing Wania
Mar 5th 2016
Berha Isnt that just 1derful Berha
Feb 24th 2016
mahrukh Township campus Mahrukh
Feb 12th 2016
duaa Mahrukh i just saw your school and it was the punjab school well i am also in punjab school but in which campus do you read please tell ???????? Duaa
Jan 31st 2016
mahrukh Thx Mahrukh
Jan 21st 2016
mahrukh Thx Mahrukh
Jan 21st 2016
duaa Nice Duaa
Jan 20th 2016

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