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Abdur Raheem Irfan Shiekh
Abdur Raheem Irfan Shiekh
Hala International School
Published On Jan 19th 2016
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Q;What comes down but never goes up??
Answers in the comment box.
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Comments 27
zinnia Age Zinnia
Jan 4th 2017
Amna A dead man Amna
Dec 3rd 2016
Amna A dead man Amna
Dec 3rd 2016
Wajeeha Masood I think so rain Wajeeha Masood
Sep 19th 2016
Areeba AGE I think so..................... Areeba
Aug 12th 2016
Hasanain Rain Hasanain
Aug 12th 2016
muhammad Gravity Muhammad
Jul 24th 2016
wania Rain life or human body after death Wania
Jun 22nd 2016
HAFSA Life or rain or age Hafsa
Jun 6th 2016
Wania Rain not height....i thought that the riddle is that what goes up but never goes down. Wania
Jun 1st 2016
Wania Height Wania
May 25th 2016
Ariha Rain Ariha
May 5th 2016
saad Everything that we throw in the Earth [is this right?] Saad
Apr 30th 2016
Alvina Rain Alvina
Apr 26th 2016
MUSFIRAH Is this a joke? Well,the answer is life,age or rain. Plz tell us what is the answer of this question? Musfirah
Apr 1st 2016
Bint waseem Rain Bint Waseem
Mar 30th 2016
Aqsa Rain I promise I did not cheat! I already know it Aqsa
Mar 28th 2016
afsheen Age Afsheen
Feb 26th 2016
Berha An umbrella my friend told me Berha
Feb 24th 2016
Berha Rain Berha
Feb 18th 2016
hassan Rain Hassan
Feb 4th 2016
Syed Yasir Rain! very easy! Syed Yasir
Feb 4th 2016
Faarid Rain Faarid
Jan 27th 2016
yashal Rain...there r many ans but not age cause age goes up not down Yashal
Jan 21st 2016
Zoya Age Zoya
Jan 21st 2016
Wafa Age or rain Wafa
Jan 20th 2016
Laibah Rain Laibah
Jan 20th 2016

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