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Muizz Ahmed  Khan
Muizz Ahmed Khan
Beaconhouse School System
A Great Hit
Published On Jun 24th 2011
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Conference Room…NASA
“Our satellites have monitored a gigantic asteroid heading towards the planet Earth!” Dictated the president of NASA, John Felix. “We have to defend ourselves or devastated that burning rock!!!” he continued and ended.
“Sir! We have to hurry because if we will be a second late, all is annihilation of Earth!” said Einstein, Albert Einstein, the vice president of NASA. Pure heroic and genius.
“We better find a way”, suggested one of the members of conference meeting. “May be a weapon, or something else”, the others participated intensely.
“Hmmm…! So…... to salvage the Earth, < To Einstein >, you have to make a plan like Columbia shuttle in past and the Thermo-Nuclear Bomb Project you invented”, Commanded determinedly the Felix to Einstein.
“It’s pretty hard to say that I will, in this problematic situation, but all out of this, I am ready with a plan , may I disclose?” Einstein said as he was indomitable, but he really was.
“Yes! you are allowed”, the permission was given!.
“So my plan is all about obliterating the asteroid into tiny bits in the space so that no damage would be to Earth”, said Einstein. “By my new Master Thermo Nuclear Bomb Shuttle which contains gelignite, DYNAMITES, tones of Gun-Powder, , nitroglycerin, plastic explosives, C-4, propellant, TNTs , warhead, a number of atomic bombs and finally, 101 thermonuclear bombs that would be ignited together and the BIG-BANG!!!!!, he finished.
“Nice, but its neglected!” Felix scolded.
“But why sir?” accused the Genius.
“First of all there is no oxygen in the space!
So no blast scene then secondly if you use artificial oxygen, you have to use the entire universe, we’ll ran out of it, said Felix.
“For your kind information, I will use nuclear fission, no oxygen intake, just like that of sun!” Einstein defended.
Felix replied, “But it’s too risky! the effect on Earth????”.
Felix answer made Albert a little anxious. He stood up and told that he will find another way soon and the conference meeting ended.
Felix Office…NASA
Felix was in his office demonstrating his wisdom for any way to get rid of this asteroid but he was astonished to see that no idea was coming in his mind!
Einstein Office…NASA
Einstein was sitting aside the table, thinking so deeply that he didn’t feel the noise of disturbance outside his office glass made window.
“No BLAST!” he thought, “But what about a peaceful technique to demolish that asteroid?” This relaxed him a little as he knew what to do.
Then he stood up, opened the old box of crazy inventions, the small ones and placed of them in his pocket.
Conference Room…NASA
Felix was now amazed with Einstein’s idea and said, “Amazing! But you are late!, the asteroid has reached so close that we only have left with 2 days!.
Einstein was shocked to hear. He grabbed his head, thought for a while and then said, “I will build my Sonic Wave Bomb within 1 day and 12 hours and 12 hours for preparation!”
Felix said, “Good luck because it’s impossible”.
It teased him a little so Einstein said in an indomitable way that “Sir you don’t know me!”
Mission Impossible…NASA
The plan was to use Super Sonic High Pitched Sounds to push the asteroid away with the help of an H-Bomb and drive the “Asteroid” straight to hell, THE SUN !, bigger than the asteroid!. Amazing!!!.
Back to the work…NASA
Einstein was not alone. The entire NASA team was with him. As there was no spare time to waste, they expended the every hour, every minute and every second with cohesion to transmute their desire into a reality. H-bombs < Thermo Nuclear Bombs> were been already prepared in past 2 years so they just benefited from them. The obstacle was only the HIGH Pitched Super Sonic Sound Device. Within one day and 12 hours, after sleepless, continuous hard-graft, they were victorious in making their weapon ready.
The Last girder of light, spark of life was by the only success in launch of their Sonic Wave Bomb that would illuminate the deadly asteroid!
The Spark of Life…The Earth
The sun ant an angle! Asteroid from another side...Strange silence….Machine ready…The Cosmos paused breathless in terror!
Ten…Nine…Eight…Seven…Six…Five…Four…Three…Two …One…………….. And the hearth-cracking sound of the launch.
The Sonic-Wave Bomb was in the air soaring towards the asteroid. Victory or DEATH….. 2 steps in between.
And then the sonic boom!!! And the thrust of blast pushing the asteroid towards the sun, vibrating the air and originating a wave of joy among the HUMAN-RACE.
Within few minutes the asteroid was obliterated by the fore of sun, the existing perceive-able hell. Momentary darkness as the asteroid broke into tiny bits of crying pieces. And the HD cameras were capturing this disastrous scene on films and memory cards. Entire Earth was thanking God.
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Comments 7
manail Wow!!!!!! Manail
Jul 7th 2011
Fatima Nice try ! Fatima
Jul 6th 2011
armeen Yaaa...i think muhammad is rite.....don take it wrong! Armeen
Jun 26th 2011
Muhammad Good attempt, but this science fiction seems to be a copied one please????? Muhammad
Jun 25th 2011
Owais Muizz why did you choose Einstein as a scientist? a fake name can be chosen instead Owais
Jun 25th 2011
yamna Great...... Yamna
Jun 25th 2011
Ahmed Wow great story Ahmed
Jun 24th 2011

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