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Maryam Raza
Maryam Raza
Star Links School
Things One Lie Can Cause
Published On Mar 12th 2010
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Our story starts in France 1990; with a five year old girl name Jade who lives with her father. Her mother died when she was three years old. The cause of her mother’s death was unknown.
On one rainy morning, jade and her father went to a  park called “NEW PARK.” Jade thought, it is a ridiculous name for a park.
Jade and her father started to play with a ball which they brought from home. The grass was slippery due to the rain and it was hard to walk on it.
So jade had an idea of rolling on the grass. Her father thought that it is a fine idea too and joined in the fun.
Then suddenly the rain started to pour hard and it was hard to see and even breathe. Jade shouted for her father and he shouted back.
Then there was a stroke of lighting and scream and thereafter the rain stopped.
Jade’s father looked around but he could not see his daughter, he ran to every corner and every tree of the park but there was no sight of his daughter. He stood still for a few minutes, heard the air whistling and suddenly he saw his daughter lying on the ground as if she’s sleeping. As seeing this he ran to her.
When he got near he saw blood all over the grass, he took a few steps backwards and suddenly one giant man wearing a black cloak appeared in front of him and said  “GO! GO FAR AWAY AND NEVER RETURN. YOUR DAUGHTER HAS GONE OVER THE OTHER SIDE. GO!!”      
Jade’s father ran to his house with all his might and then called the police.
After sometime, police and Jade’s father came in the same park. Over there the police listened to the entire story. Jade’s father told them his name is “Josh.”
Then he showed them the place where he saw his daughter the last time; but there was no sight of her now. Now Josh started to cry real hard.
One of the policemen took him home while the others looked for clues but nothing was found.
20 years later……..
Josh was now currently moved to London because of his business. There he lived in a small but comfortable house. With his wife and daughter’s picture hanging on the wall. He also had a maid.
On one bright morning, Josh went for a walk; he took his stick and coat and went out.
On his lovely walk he bumped into a man who was carrying lots of papers. Josh said sorry and helped him pick up the papers.
While he was picking, he read one of the papers. It said
He asked the man about the advertisement. The man said “that this girl was brought in the orphanage at the age of five. No one knew who she was or where she came from. So for twenty years we took care of her, and now as she’s old enough, we are selling her as a maid.”
Josh, having no idea of what he was doing ran to the orphanage and asked the manager if he could meet this girl.
When Josh saw her he thought that the girl looked very familiar to him.
When he asked her some questions and got the answers his mouth fell open because the girl was twenty-five years old. Had no mother, lost his father in a rain storm.  Josh suddenly had a thought what if she’s my daughter, what if that man was lying.
Just by these thoughts he paid $100 and took her home.
When the girl saw the picture of Josh’s daughter hanging on the wall. She said “Sir why do you have a picture of me when I was five on the wall?”
“What do you mean? She’s my daughter” replied Josh.
Then the girl took out a picture of herself when she was five years old and it resembled the picture of Josh’s daughter.  
   When Josh saw both pictures, he hugged her and started to cry in happiness. After having a hug from Josh her memory returned as she shouted “DADDY” and hugged him back.
The next day Josh asked her what happened in the park.
And jade honestly replied “when that lighting struck, someone attacked me so hard that I fainted with a scream. And when I woke up I saw my self in an orphanage in London. I asked a man who was sitting beside me that where is my father. He told me that he died in that heavy rain storm, so they had to bring me to an orphanage but as every single orphanage was full in France, so they brought to London.”
“Was that man’s voice deep and scary?” Josh asked
“Yes “said Jade
“That same man told me at that time that you died and I had to spend twenty years of my life without you.” Shouted Josh.
“But that’s ok because now we are both together.”  Said Jade while hugging her father.
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Comments 13
Fatima Double thumbs Fatima
Jun 20th 2017
Ayesha A heart touching story.Keep it up!👍 Ayesha
May 25th 2017
Ayesha A heart touching story.Keep it up!👍 Ayesha
May 25th 2017
Irza AWWW such a touching story. Brilliant work! Irza
May 9th 2017
Sajal Incredible work! you rock! Sajal
Oct 19th 2015
Nabeela Nice Story Nabeela
May 6th 2014
Tooba Cool Tooba
Apr 23rd 2014
Emaan It's super! Oh and Yusra, I like your pic-write a story or joke that i can comment on! if not,then Friend me!!!! Emaan
Aug 14th 2012
areeba You are right.Awesome! Areeba
Jan 1st 2011
Yusra Awsum... Again i say u r a born professional.. Yusra
Aug 10th 2011
Aamna I like your story Aamna
Dec 26th 2010
Izza Good try! Izza
Mar 16th 2010


Mar 15th 2010

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