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Zara Iqbal
Zara Iqbal
The Man From Poland
Published On Sep 4th 2015
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One day Matilda was on her computer reading the news. There was one story called 'The man from Poland' which made her interested.
 It was about a best-selling author called Allan Elm, Apparently, Allan Elm sat down to write the first sentence of his novel called 'Winter Time'. It was going to be a brilliant piece of literature. Unfortunately, he got a knock on the door by the man from Poland. And when he sat back down he had forgotten completely what he was writing about. So the book was never written.
"Wow!" said Matilda, "He has a very bad memory" When she was having dinner she told her parents who said" You should have been doing your homework".
Matilda was sent back to her room to do her homework. But her parents kept asking her to do things so after a while when they asked her again she had something in mind.
"Matilda dear, go and turn on the heating" said Matilda's mum.
"Sorry mum can't stop remember the man from Poland.” replied Matilda.
She did this all the way till she finished her homework. She smiled for she had a trick up her sleeve to get out of ways for doing housework.
The following Monday, Matilda got her homework back. She was horrified to see that she had got an A. She skimmed her homework even more horrified to find that all she had written was four words over and over again. The man from Poland!
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Comments 18
Moon Can anyone please explain what is this? I have no idea, no idea at all... Moon
Jan 17th 2017
Moon You're story was great, but I didn't understand it. Moon
Nov 3rd 2016
Fizza I got it after i saw zaras message that is the last message ! nyc and keep it up !! :) Fizza
Jun 26th 2016
Areeba Superb and thanks you very much for approving my request:-) Areeba
Jun 8th 2016
Berha I didnt get it but great effort Berha
Feb 18th 2016
Raneem Nice one! Raneem
Jan 12th 2016
Ebrahim Nice Ebrahim
Dec 15th 2015
Saqifa Really nice! Saqifa
Nov 22nd 2015
Zahra Cool. Zahra
Nov 18th 2015
mahrukh Sorry didn't get it Mahrukh
Nov 6th 2015
khansa Keep it up zara Khansa
Nov 3rd 2015
Unicorny Was pretty good, but I didn't get it either. Sorry :(. Good job though! Unicorny
Oct 1st 2015
hanna I love your story Hanna
Sep 30th 2015
Wania Good story Wania
Sep 27th 2015
raveeha Sorry didnt get it Raveeha
Sep 20th 2015
Irza AMAZING! very nice keep writing them:) Irza
Sep 18th 2015
Layba Great story....try your best and your sure to write even better stories! Layba
Sep 9th 2015
Zara Sorry at the end she was meant to get a A-. Typing error. Zara
Sep 4th 2015

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