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Ayesha Khan
Ayesha Khan
The Fahims School System
Proud To Be A Pakistani?
Published On Jun 21st 2011
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Sometimes, I ideate why people are so proud of Pakistan? Is this a country to be proud of, I mean, what exactly do we have that would make us proud except for corruption everywhere, yet some people are so confident, they say they have got this and that, in my opinion, we have got nothing and I am not at all ashamed to say this.
If you think I am wrong then turn on your television, what will you find on the news channels? Nothing except for bomb blasts and robberies everywhere, I believe that media has a great role in creating such an image of Pakistan on the world. The government collects taxes but what is the use of collecting taxes if the requirements are not fulfilled by that money?
Even if some people are proud to be Pakistani, I would love to know of any good thing in this country of which they are proud of. Are they proud of the crookedness which separates Pakistan from other countries? Muhammad Ali Jinnah founded this nation and struggled to from it for Muslims. Now, what kind of Muslims are we? My schoolmates, (though I would not like to mention their names) go to clubs, smoke, hang out with boys and most of all, date with the opposite gender, which is all forbidden in Islam. Still, they think they are Muslims, just because they are born in a Muslim family, well then, I am ashamed to call Pakistan a Muslim country.
On my trip to Malaysia, a Hindu couple asked me where I was from. I told them I belonged to Pakistan and they became so afraid as if I was going to explode with a bomb or something. Our youth is so much influenced by Bollywood that they don't even realize what the image of Pakistanis on Indians is. In every movie, the leading role of terrorism is played by Muslims, the name of the terrorists are commonly Islamic. But do we Muslims care about that? No, we don't. We only have to watch the movie, why should we care about terrorism or the image of Muslims on the rest of the world. The attack on World Trade Center on 11th September 2001 formed a very bad image of the Muslims on the outlanders and the Muslims suffered a great deal, you might know what were the effects by watching the movies like 'Khuda Ke Liye' (In the name of God), 'New York' and 'My name is Khan'
When I discussed about this with my friend, she replied, 'WHY SHOULD WE CARE?' I did not like to reply to her because I realized it was of no use. Readers, if we would not be the ones to care, Pakistan would soon break up. The young generation has got to take some action. I bet none of you would like to see our country being taken over by any other superpower or being broken up.
Issues have been raised about 'animal rights', I agree that there should be rights for animals which should be followed, but, in a country like Pakistan, where human rights are not given any attention, animal rights are unconcerned. Thousands of innocent people die every day. Thousands of families are left isolated but, who cares? Firing every minute, deaths every second, who cares? No one does!
People blame the government for all this condition of Pakistan. Do we ever look upon ourselves? Fellows, only the government is not responsible in making this country prosperous, fifty percent of the population also has a great role in shaping the country. If the people would not be following the government's rules, what shall the government do? Ask yourself, do you care when you throw wrappers on the road? No, we don't even think about it before throwing. These are general etiquettes; the government is not responsible for this. Pakistan is our homeland; it is our duty to keep it clean just like we keep your homes clean.
I am writing all this not because I hate Pakistan but because I am a pure patriot and i do not want it to break up. I do care about my country and i want all these evils to be removed from Pakistan and purify it as its name suggests, Pakistan, 'the land of the pure'.
Now, after I have expressed my views to all of you openly and without any hesitation. I would like to know your views and opinions regarding this topic and please do not hesitate to share your views. We are responsible for changing our country and therefore we should take action. If you think whatever I expressed regarding Pakistan is wrong, then please correct me.
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Comments 6
Aaiza I completely agree to Ayesha Aaiza
Aug 10th 2011
Aaiza Very Nice. Aaiza
Aug 10th 2011
Aleena Ashna but think that this magazine is read all over world! what would other people think about us? yar really I am not fighting but just clearing! And if you want to change your country you should not say your country bad! Aleena
Jul 21st 2011
Ashna I think this article is great because it is true. BUT...don't forget that there still might be some people that are good and are trying to bring about a change (that is good) in Pakistan. Because Paki really does need a good change. Ashna
Jul 9th 2011
Aleena Ayesha this article is NOT good. Because what kind of good article it is? I mean you are saying Bad to your own homeland! Unbelievable!!! don't mind! Aleena
Jul 4th 2011
Ashna Great article. Ashna
Jun 22nd 2011

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