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Hamna Haider Khan
Hamna Haider Khan
H Q School System Lahore
My Family
Published On Sep 3rd 2015
Total Comments : 29
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Comments 29
Fatima Nice. And come on. Plz dont fight. Fatima
Jun 10th 2017
maria Nice Maria
Mar 27th 2017
Wania Dear Noorish, You are No one to poke your nose in others matter. And by the way, we aere not fighting like you said "wild dogs". Wania
Sep 23rd 2016
Musfira Good Musfira
Jul 22nd 2016
Noorish Stop fighting like wild dogs you both Noorish
Jul 12th 2016
Wania time i will take care. Wania
Mar 5th 2016
Saqifa AND because you write it in Urdu, so I couldn't understand it rightly. Saqifa
Dec 18th 2015
Saqifa HA! HA! okay Wania. I was just in hurry so I could write the wrong spellings of "Understand'' word. Saqifa
Dec 18th 2015
Wania My teacher told me to read three times a sentence.first you just read it.second you just read it once more and you will understand half of it.third time when you will read it you will understand the whole sentence Wania
Dec 13th 2015
Saqifa Oh! I am so sorry Wania now I undurstand you Saqifa
Nov 29th 2015
Saqifa Looking............nice but the glasses are not suiting you too much Saqifa
Nov 5th 2015
duaa All read my ABOUT ME LAST LINE Mehvish profile pic is mine selfie actually mehvish ashraf is mine FAKE account further details you all can read in ABOUT ME well........................ how am i looking? any one pay hay day farm game so tell me Duaa
Oct 30th 2015
Saqifa Ok ok ai bury angels Saqifa
Oct 23rd 2015
Wania Aray she is saying sisters Sisters aap aur Hamna bhi hoo sakti hain na Plzz dkn't mind it aur agar hurt hoa hai tou sorry Wania
Oct 18th 2015
Saqifa OMG! Iam stupid! Saqifa
Oct 18th 2015
Saqifa Answer me now! Hamna Saqifa
Oct 11th 2015
Saqifa Whose sisters? Saqifa
Oct 11th 2015
Saqifa Which sisters? Saqifa
Sep 22nd 2015
Hamna Sorry all the sisters are angels :P Hamna
Sep 21st 2015
Irza Stop fighting! JEEZ GROW UP! Irza
Sep 20th 2015
Saqifa You mean that it is me? say that''I think all the angels are called Hamna'' so I say you selfish Saqifa
Sep 20th 2015
Hamna Err?? Well ! I don't mind the comments of jealous people ! :P Hamna
Sep 19th 2015
Sep 18th 2015
Saqifa are so selfish, Hamna Masood Saqifa
Sep 18th 2015
Saqifa U are so selfish Hamna Haither, not Hamna Masood Saqifa
Sep 17th 2015
Saqifa U are so selfish Hamna Haither, not Hamna Masood Saqifa
Sep 17th 2015
duaa Keep it up sister Duaa
Sep 4th 2015
duaa That's so cool and cute Duaa
Sep 4th 2015
Hamna Haha same about my monkey bros and myself ( angel ) I think all the angels are called Hamna . Hamna
Sep 4th 2015

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