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Ali Faisal Ijaz
Ali Faisal Ijaz
Army Public School Faisal
Published On Sep 3rd 2015
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One dark night,
A Damsel screams,
The air rings.
Shattering dreams.
Dark black knight,
Full of spite,
Drags her from sight
Into the night.
She is helpless,
Hapless, Hopeless,
A petrified lass -
No less.
At its height
In this night,
Is the terror,
The evil power.
From far light,
Shining bright,
Comes into sight,
A tall white knight.
From a great height,
He sees her plight;
knows it's not right,
He charges full flight.
Cursing outright (out of sight!),
He starts to fight,
The evil black Knight!
With one great strike,
A mighty swipe,
He knocks the Black knight,
Right out of the living daylights!
The Damsel scream (with delight),
And hugs her saviour,
Tight, tight......
The turn aside,
To face our sight;
With smiles so wide,
They bid us "Good night".
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Comments 4
Sakifay Mary Nyc Sakifay Mary
Dec 7th 2017
Wania Lolzzzz Wania
Sep 26th 2015
Irza NYC 1 Irza
Sep 21st 2015
Saqifa Lll.........l..........looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong poem I like it Saqifa
Sep 21st 2015

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