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Zainab Idris
Zainab Idris
Beacon House School System
Happened To Me
Published On Sep 3rd 2015
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My dear friends this story is very much true and i believe that you will trust me because the things you are about to read are kind of paranormal so please don’t say that they are not to true because they have happened to me,
One day i woke up in the morning and i got up and suddenly saw my mother crossing the tv room and behind her was a strange looking girl with a candle in her hand and i was like standing so still that there was no sound i was going to scream but i didn't i just fell on my bed and was still watching her but then she disappeared in the shadows i was so scared and i dont know how to describe that moment and i still didn't tell my mother about it.
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Comments 12
Ayesha You must be imagining. Allah made nothing as this and even that cannot be Amy dead'a soul.Allah has made Jinns only and they don't live at places where humans live. Well, I think it must be your sister behind your mother holding a candle to scare you. Lol Ayesha
May 15th 2017
Hiba This cannot be real. Hiba
Dec 27th 2015
Hiba This cannot be real are you sure that this real? its weird must be imagining Hiba
Dec 27th 2015
Khadija Dude wth that didnt happen ok ugh Khadija
Dec 26th 2015
Wania should have told your mother.. not fair😅😅😅 Wania
Dec 4th 2015
Khadija Its weird. Totally unreal Khadija
Dec 2nd 2015
Nov 5th 2015
Sajal Wait...What? Totally Why the heck the girl has a candle? She won't want someone to know she is a #ghost --->LAME<--- Sajal
Oct 3rd 2015
Fatima Hey look.Why would this happen Allah cant send them. If they have to take revenge from some one then Allah send them. If the person kill some and his or her parent expects his or her sorry then they dont+ I agree Izra Fatima
Oct 1st 2015
Irza ................ if....u didnt tell ur mother about it how come u told us???......... Irza
Sep 28th 2015
Wania Nice Wania
Sep 27th 2015
Rihab .................................... Rihab
Sep 5th 2015

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