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S.muhammad Aun Razi
S.muhammad Aun Razi
Springfield School
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being Young
Published On Sep 3rd 2015
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Usually people say its good being ‘young’, but some people deny this fact and say that a man should be young at heart rather than staying young at age.
Youth equates to optimism. When people are young they see the good in everything, the positive side. Pessimism seeps in with age, people get scared of failure and danger. Life will be perfect if a balance of both optimism and pessimism is maintained. But unfortunately optimism overflows in young age and pessimism in old.
There are a number of reasons that can prove that staying young at heart is better than being old. It’s better to be young because a man possess those qualities which are premium for his age. A man in his young age is quite fit because he is in a growing process which enables him to be healthy. For instance, it will be easier for a man to do body building in a young age rather than a man doing body building in old age, when his muscles are wearing off. Also, people who are intelligent usually come up with fresh and creative ideas that people of much older age must not have thought of. This quality leads them to get in organizations and institutions who want to grow at a faster pace. Young people are more adaptable to change and may avail different and new opportunities to improve their living standards. On the other hand, an aged person may like to stick to one opportunity.
But as everything in life has advantages and disadvantages there are many disadvantages of being young. It is commonly seen that people in young age are a victim of peer pressure and this issue makes their lives go from bad to worse. As a consequence, due to the lack of maturity and ignorance from the advice of elders, youngsters get involved in harmful activities like smoking, gambling, drinking. This results in the deterioration of their health and standard of living. The other disadvantage of being young is that usually young people are quite non persistent as they do not keep the same performance throughout but instead it fluctuates. They do not value things much which are of great importance. Youngsters are pretty gullible due to lack of mature thinking and understanding. Youngsters also tend to be extravagant and careless due which they suffer later in their lives.
In a nutshell I would like to conclude that being a youngster myself is pretty awesome. Youth has its own advantages and is the precious age of one’s life. Hence, there can’t be any competition of old and young age.
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Comments 5
Zainab Good Zainab
Feb 6th 2018
Irza This is so good!! You presented it out very well.Keep it up Irza
Mar 25th 2017
Pariwish So lengthy but nice. Pariwish
Jan 20th 2017
Wania Nice Wania
Jun 13th 2016
Raneem Good Raneem
Jan 11th 2016

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