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Shayan  Hasnain
Shayan Hasnain
Sls Montessori & School
The Brave Dog
Published On Aug 25th 2015
Total Comments : 27
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August 2015

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Once there was a dog named Max. He helped everybody when anyone was in trouble. One day, his owner went on his work and did not return. Max was very upset. After some days, he knew that kidnappers kidnapped his owner. Because the kidnappers wanted money from his wife. Then he went to find his owner but he couldn't find him. After many days finally, Max found his owner in a cottage where he was tied with ropes. Max watched him from the window. Then Max untied the ropes with the help of his mouth. Max and his owner ran away and locked the doors of the cottage. When they reached home they called the police and the kidnappers were caught by the police.
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Comments 27
Shayan Oh, sorry u are already my friend Shayan
Jun 3rd 2017
Shayan Irza can u be my friend?????? Plz Shayan
Jun 3rd 2017
Irza Thank you Shayan☺☺ Irza
Jun 2nd 2017
Shayan Thank you Dinashen Shayan
Jun 1st 2017
Anchloria That's good Anchloria
May 31st 2017
Shayan No problem. I trust you were not offending me. Shayan
May 11th 2017
Shayan Irza, no problem if you were offending me!!! Shayan
May 11th 2017
Irza Nabiha, me and Sajal were only joking. Did I offend you Shayan? I am so so sorry if I did. Your story was very good. Keep it up! :) Irza
May 9th 2017
Shayan My heart goes out to the families whose loved ones were lost. May Allah make it easy. Let's say Fatiha for all and sp Junaid Jamshed RIP. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un. Shayan
Dec 7th 2016
Wania Welcome! Wania
Sep 26th 2016
Shayan A.o.A Eid Mubarak to you all!!! Enjoy!! Shayan
Jul 8th 2016
Nabiha Sajal and Irza you people should not make fun of animals ok . One more thing I think that you are not little children who are to be told every single time that this is not real ok . If you don't have any interest in this post then rather than making fun of it go view another post. Nabiha
Jul 4th 2016
Shayan Dear Admin I haven't recieved my gift . Shayan
Jun 30th 2016
Shayan Thanks Nabiha!!!!! :-) :-) :-) Shayan
May 24th 2016
Nabiha Congrats shayan! keep up the good work!😉😉😄😄😄🎈🎈🎈🎈 Nabiha
May 22nd 2016
Shayan Salam, Dear Admin I haven't received my gift from two months. Shayan
May 22nd 2016
Shayan Dear Admin I haven't received my gift from one month. Shayan
May 4th 2016
Shayan Thank You!!!!!! Shayan
Apr 20th 2016
Admin Very nice.........keep it up.. thumbs up.. shayan do more Admin
Apr 19th 2016
ammara Good story Ammara
Apr 16th 2016
Wania should try to improve it next time Wania
Dec 4th 2015
Shayan Thanks for all the comments next time I will try to improve more Shayan
Nov 20th 2015
Shayan What do you mean with that ? Shayan
Nov 7th 2015
Irza Yea exactly Sajal maybe he does foolish things like dogs and only listens to commands like "SIT" "ROLL" LOOOOLLLLL we r like soooo funny Irza
Nov 5th 2015
Wania Fine Wania
Oct 18th 2015
Oct 3rd 2015
Irza O....K...A...YYY Irza
Sep 27th 2015

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