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Noor Fatima  Qureshi
Noor Fatima Qureshi
Karachi Public School
Published On Aug 24th 2015
Total Comments : 42
Total Views :  939
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July 2015

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Comments 42
Aiza Veryyyyyyyyyy nice Aiza
Dec 22nd 2016
jasmine Nice Jasmine
Oct 29th 2016
Noorish Duaa how many times will you say us to read last line of your about me Noorish
Jul 12th 2016
Wania Welcomzzz Wania
Mar 5th 2016
Saqifa I love that awesome drawing(: Saqifa
Feb 19th 2016
Noor Fatima Thanks alot..:) Noor Fatima
Jan 2nd 2015
Fatima When I see it I feel cold.This drawing is awesome. Keep it up Fatima
Dec 21st 2015
Wania Because it is cold on Karachi Wania
Dec 12th 2015
Noor Fatima Nysh Duaa..:) Noor Fatima
Nov 15th 2015
Noor Fatima Thank u so much Baneen..:) Noor Fatima
Nov 15th 2015
Baneen Unbelievable! Fantastic Great:) Baneen
Nov 10th 2015
Saqifa Nice looking Saqifa
Nov 5th 2015
duaa All read my ABOUT ME LAST LINE Mehvish profile pic is mine selfie actually mehvish ashraf is mine FAKE account further details you all can read in ABOUT ME well........................ how am i looking? Duaa
Oct 30th 2015
Saqifa Ok Saqifa
Oct 25th 2015
Noor Fatima Sakifa Mary thts prob..:) Noor Fatima
Oct 24th 2015
Saqifa The comment didn't publish so I comment it again and again and it publish together .....of "thank you dear Fatima'' Saqifa
Oct 22nd 2015
Noor Fatima Wania (y) :P Noor Fatima
Oct 21st 2015
Wania I can feel the cold Wania
Oct 18th 2015
Saqifa What a foolish I was! Saqifa
Oct 18th 2015
Noor Fatima Sakifa Mary Itz Welcome..:) Noor Fatima
Oct 14th 2015
Saqifa Is the spellings are correct of the word of wellcome? Saqifa
Oct 13th 2015
Saqifa You are wellcome dear Fatima Saqifa
Oct 13th 2015
Saqifa You are wellcome dear Fatima Saqifa
Oct 13th 2015
Saqifa You are welcome, dear Fatima, Saqifa
Oct 12th 2015
Saqifa You are welcome, dear Fatima, Saqifa
Oct 12th 2015
Saqifa You are Wellcome Saqifa
Oct 11th 2015
Noor Fatima Oh Sakifa Mary..Thank u so much..:) Noor Fatima
Oct 9th 2015
Saqifa Yes! yes! I know that it is a painting, I want to just appreciate the painting, and my real name is Sakifa Mary. Saqifa
Oct 8th 2015
Noor Fatima Hahahaa..Princess itz a drawing..:D Noor Fatima
Sep 24th 2015
Noor Fatima Thanks alot Irza..:) Noor Fatima
Sep 24th 2015
Saqifa Happy Eid! my all friends! Saqifa
Sep 24th 2015
Saqifa I can't believe that it is real or a painting? Saqifa
Sep 20th 2015
Sep 18th 2015
Noor Fatima Mahrukh done..;) Noor Fatima
Sep 16th 2015
Mahrukh Come to my screen and just leave some good comments on my stuff Mahrukh
Sep 15th 2015
Noor Fatima Thanks alot Jasmine...n yes i hav accepted it..:) Noor Fatima
Sep 14th 2015
jasmine Cool Fatima can I send u a friendship request please accept it Jasmine
Sep 14th 2015
Noor Fatima Thanks a lot every1..:) Noor Fatima
Sep 7th 2015
duaa Agreed with mahrukh Duaa
Sep 4th 2015
hadia Nice work Hadia
Sep 4th 2015
Hamna OW its is so cold here ! Hamna
Sep 4th 2015
Mahrukh Its fabulous drawing Mahrukh
Sep 3rd 2015

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