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Maheen Ishtiaq
Maheen Ishtiaq
Divisional Public School And College Faisalabad
Day Of Independence
Published On Sep 3rd 2015
Total Comments : 32
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Do you know when falls the Independence Day
In the august, a beautiful day
It falls on 14th august
Pakistan became independent on 14th august
We pray for country's prosperity
And pray for its beauty
Streets are decorated like brides
And there are so many lights
Houses and streets are decorated with flags and bounties
Children are given sweets and candies
A parade is set on Wahaga border
No enemy can cross our border
Our armed forces protect our country
No one can defeat our army
May Allah flourish our country
And keep its people happy.
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Comments 32
Maheen Thank you Anna, Sabeen and Yaseera. 😙😙😙 Maheen
Aug 22nd 2017
Yaseera Amazing i lovee it Yaseera
Aug 20th 2017
Sabeen Great poem Maheen. Great job Sabeen
Aug 17th 2017
Anna Marvelous poem Maheen. By the way, i like your profile picture so much. :) Anna
Aug 15th 2017
Maheen Thank you dear 😙😙 Maheen
Aug 5th 2017
Urooj This poem is soo so good😙😙😙😍😘 Urooj
Aug 4th 2017
Maheen Thank you dear.😙 Maheen
Aug 3rd 2017
Nisha Really good Nisha
Aug 2nd 2017
Maheen Thank you dear 😘 Maheen
Jul 14th 2017
yashfeen It's fabulous Maheen Yashfeen
Jul 13th 2017
Maheen Thank you 😚 Maheen
Jul 13th 2017
Urooj Awesome☺ Urooj
Jul 12th 2017
Urooj Awesome 😊 Urooj
Jul 12th 2017
Aiza Very nice poem😃😃😃 Aiza
Dec 3rd 2016
Maheen Thanks laiba. Maheen
Jun 2nd 2016
 laiba I DIDN'T THINK that there are such GOOOD POETS in this era. very nice poem MAHEEN DEAR. Laiba
May 28th 2016
Areeba THANK YOU for approving my request:-) Areeba
May 28th 2016
Areeba Hi, maheen Areeba
May 28th 2016
Areeba Dear maheen, i am also in grade 8th. i want to be your friend,i am in divisional public school.(samundri)i will come here on friday for race. Areeba
May 10th 2016
Wania Ammol this is not the way of degrading(not sure about the spelling) some one instead you should appreciate her.I am not fighting...i am just giving a suggestion Wania
Mar 4th 2016
Nabiha I think so anmol has got in a bit miss understanding . I love your poem alot and we also need sweet poets like you in our future. Nabiha
Nov 23rd 2015
qurratul Good one... Qurratul
Nov 13th 2015
Shayan Sorry, Anmol is my sister. I like it but I don't why Anmol doesn't likes it. Shayan
Oct 25th 2015
saad Why you do not like it Anmol.?Its a Good poem. Saad
Oct 21st 2015
Maheen Thank you Anmol, thank you very much for saying my poem a bad one . If you can not do anything then don't be jealous. Maheen
Oct 21st 2015
Anmol I don't like it Anmol
Oct 18th 2015
Anmol I don't like it Anmol
Oct 18th 2015
Maheen Thank you Wania Maheen
Oct 9th 2015
Wania Love your poem It is good one Wania
Sep 25th 2015
Maheen Thank you my sweet younger brother. Maheen
Sep 18th 2015
saad I like your poem. Its a good poem. Saad
Sep 18th 2015
Maheen Is my poem a good one or a bad one ? Maheen
Sep 13th 2015

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