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Ayesha Abubakar
Ayesha Abubakar
The City School
Unsinkable Ship
Published On Jun 20th 2011
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Once upon a time there lived two great friends in Pakistan. Javeria and Sana had been friends since their childhood. Now they were studying in a college, which was at far distance from their place. In the way they had to cross a river, pass hills and sandy area too. They used to go to college together. Their friendship was famous in college.
One rainy day the two friends set out for college as usual. They were chatting while walking. Perhaps they were discussing some point of atomic theory which was taught on previous day. The two had different opinions. There began heated arguments. This was followed by abusive language by both sides. Things got so bad that in a fit of anger Javeria slapped Sana. Slap shocked Sana and stared at his friend and wrote on sand that “today my best friend slapped me.” Both resumed their walk but now they were silent. Meanwhile they reached the river which was overflowing today. Sana was not a good swimmer. He stepped into the river but … began to drown and flow with force of water in the direction of the flood. Javeria saw this and without thinking for a second jumped into the river. With difficulty he could drag Sana out of the river. When Sana became normal, he wrote on a hill that “today my best friend saved my life.”
Javeria who was observing all this could not help asking “why did you write it on sand when I slapped you and why are you writing on the hill when I’ve saved your life?” Sana replied that “we should soon forget wrong done by our friends and dear ones as writing on sand gets erased in no time, but if they do something good for us we should always remember their kindness just as writing on stones is forever.” Saying this Sana hugged his friends and two went to college as if nothing had happened.
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Comments 16
Bushra Great Bushra
Jul 19th 2014
 яυмαιsα U have cheated or syeda memoona,u both have the same stories!! яυмαιsα
Jun 25th 2012
Menahil I love your work so much. you could become a great writer when you grow up. Menahil
Oct 11th 2011
usaidkhan GOOD EFFORT Usaidkhan
Sep 11th 2011
Saba Wonderful storyyyyyyy !! greartt effort !!!..... keeep it up......... dear:) Saba
Jul 31st 2011
manail Excellant work Manail
Jul 9th 2011
Itachi Nyc one Itachi
Jul 5th 2011
rehana Sweet Rehana
Jun 28th 2011
ashi Excellent job ayesha................keep it up Ashi
Jun 28th 2011
Omama Wow,Ayesha.Great story.I am omama and I want you to write more stories like these Omama
Jun 26th 2011
armeen A great story!! Armeen
Jun 24th 2011
Ayesha Thanks guys.I am fine malaika and menahil. Ayesha
Jun 23rd 2011
Malaika Hi Ayesha How r u? I just luved yr story. It is awesome. Good attempt i just love it Malaika
Jun 23rd 2011
Menahil Hi Ayesha How r u? I just luved yr story. It is awesome Menahil
Jun 22nd 2011
Muhammad Good attempt, please! Muhammad
Jun 21st 2011
Zahra I personally like the moral. Keep it up!! :) Zahra
Jun 21st 2011

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