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Soma Shah
Soma Shah
The Educators
Do Good Then Get Good
Published On Sep 3rd 2015
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Once upon a time a woman live with her son. Her son study in the college and daily out back from home to college by bus. One day an old beggar did come on woman's home and request her for food because he was hungry and poor man. The woman gave him a piece of bread and then the beggar come on the woman's home and request for the food daily. The woman made the bread for her son daily and also gave to the beggar a piece as usual. But one day she thought that many days were passed and the beggar came daily and request, she did irritate with the beggar and thought that if she refuse to the beggar for bread then he will not come. She decided to refuse the beggar for bread but when the beggar did come on her home, then the mercy come on her heart and she changed her mind and then she gave a piece of bread to the beggar. On that day her son was not come home at the usual time because of the accident of bus. The women was worried for his son and pray for him. The beggar did see the son of the woman that he was sick. The beggar put sympathy on him and gave that bread to him which he took from the women. The son of the woman eat the bread, after eating the bread, the strength comes on him and he got to his home.
CONCLUSION: If the woman was not gave the bread to the beggar then her son was not ate the bread and the strength did not comes on him and then he did not come his home.
MORAL: The moral of the story is that do good then get good.
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Comments 12
Wania It's okay but you should take care next time. Wania
Oct 1st 2016
Aiza So many grammar mistakes and poor story Aiza
Aug 10th 2016
Aiza Too many grammar mistakes but good try Aiza
Aug 3rd 2016
Musfira Nyc story Musfira
Jul 23rd 2016
Fizza Nyc story !! but try to correct and improve your grammatical errors .................. dont think negative everyone's learning you know ..... Fizza
Jun 27th 2016
Irza I am sorry if you thought I was being offensive but I was just trying to help you. Irza
Dec 16th 2015
Saba Gud keep it up Saba
Dec 2nd 2015
Wania Plzz don't start fighting with each other and Irza you should not say like this to others... Wania
Oct 18th 2015
Soma Oh really Izra...I think you do not have any type of permission to stop and correct it. Soma
Oct 10th 2015
Sarah Poor grammar nice try though keep it up Sarah
Oct 1st 2015
Wania Nice try Wania
Sep 27th 2015
Sep 23rd 2015

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