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Ayesha Abid
Ayesha Abid
The Fisherman And The Little Fish
Published On Sep 3rd 2015
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A poor fisherman who lived by some of the fish he caught, and eating the rest, had bad luck one day as he caught nothing but a fry. the fisherman was about to put it into his basket, when the little fish cried ''Please spare me, mr fisherman,i am so tiny that it’s not worthwhile to carry me home. When i grow bigger ,you can catch me again and enjoy a better meal. But the fisherman took no chances. he quickly put the fish inside the basket. ''how foolish i would be to throw your back, ''he said, ''however small you may be, it is better to eat something than nothing, to eat.
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Comments 12
Aiza I read the same story in my grammer book Aiza
Dec 30th 2016
zaid Good Zaid
Nov 4th 2016
Aiza Nice one but need improvement Aiza
Aug 10th 2016
Maryam Small but good message Maryam
Dec 24th 2015
Layba Nice Layba
Oct 16th 2015
Saqifa Welcome Saqifa
Oct 8th 2015
Wania Thank u Wania
Oct 4th 2015
Saqifa Oh! I am sorry, it was just a mistake,the correct spellings are write Saqifa
Sep 29th 2015
ayesha Very nice story and the moral is very good Ayesha
Sep 29th 2015
Wania Yes I do agree with Irza but can you tell me that write is correct or Wright is correct in spelling I dunno plus tell me Wania
Sep 27th 2015
Irza I agree with Sakifa.There should be a next part to this story or else it's not interesting Irza
Sep 20th 2015
Saqifa Too short story, but amazing, if you will wright a new story next time, please wright a long story Saqifa
Sep 20th 2015

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