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Basma Fahim
Basma Fahim
Published On Jun 19th 2011
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One day when Kiran was sleeping she saw a nightmare. In her nightmare she saw that 35 lions have escape from the zoo and now they are eating people, suddenly one of them came to their house and eat them all. Kiran woke up, she was sweating all over. She doesn’t want to sleep all night. She said to herself "what a nightmare!" She opened her window and then turn on the light. She started reading her favourite book called "snakes are dangerous". Kiran was a girl who loves reading books about animals. She closed her book and go to wash her face because she was sweating. she came out the washroom and suddenly a scary noise came from the window first of all she ignored it but again it came and Kiran started shivering. She tiptoed and go towards the window to close it, when she came near to the window she saw nothing, she said "oh! I was just scared of nothing! hahaha!", she laughed and lay down on the bed and said that this was a horror night and fast asleep.
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Comments 2
Tooba Not normal lame Tooba
Aug 12th 2012
manail Normal Manail
Jul 7th 2011

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