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Azka Atif
Azka Atif
The Intellect School
Sisters Are A Great Blessing
Published On Sep 3rd 2015
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“Ammi! I don’t want Sara in my room with my friends!” said Zoya. “Don’t be rude Zoya” her mother replied.
It all started on a sunny Saturday. Zoya’s friends to come to play at her house. Zoya didn’t want her little 7 year old sister to be with them. However her mother insisted on keeping Sara with the angry Zoya.
After Zoya’s friends were gone Zoya went to her mother and demanded, “Why do you let her come with my friends? She is so annoying!” Zoya’s mother replied with an angry voice, “Stop it Zoya! I do not appreciate your behaviour you were very hard on Sara. Now go to bed and I don’t want this behaviour tomorrow!”
Next day Zoya complained about having a head ache. Her parents found out that she was suffering from a bad fever. She was taken to the doctor, told to have specific medicines with great care and was told to stay in bed. All day long Zoya was in bed her little sister Sara stayed with her all the time. Sara always brought her water, milk etc. At night Sara slept in Zoya’s room and stayed with Zoya all the time.
After Zoya was cured from her illness she realized that her little sister had been a great help. She realized how precious sisters are. A lesson was learnt: sisters are a great blessing. Though she had learned it in a hard way she knew she would never be hard on her sister again!   
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Comments 32
Zainab Good Zainab
Dec 28th 2017
hafsa Why did you say Lol? Hafsa
Jul 30th 2017
Sep 22nd 2016
sajahir I also have a sister. she always annoy me. but anyway i love her Sajahir
Aug 23rd 2016
Moon I've a sister & a brother, I thank god, because I have them. Moon
Aug 19th 2016
Aiza I have four sisters and they all are annoying Aiza
Aug 10th 2016
Aiza Very good story and grammar Aiza
Aug 3rd 2016
Musfira Nice story Musfira
Jul 23rd 2016
Momina Really I also realized by reading this story. Momina
Jul 1st 2016
Fizza I want sisters cause i only have brothers its really annoying ! :p Fizza
Jun 26th 2016
fatima Very good vocabulary! Fatima
Mar 5th 2016
duaa Nice story! great! keep it up Duaa
Jan 8th 2016
Momina I love the topic of this story. Momina
Jan 2nd 2015
Anam Nice! I like stories with morals..... Anam
Dec 31st 2015
Ebrahim Nice Ebrahim
Dec 15th 2015
Aden This is a good story Aden
Dec 6th 2015
Nuvairah Do you know this story is published in the magazine? I saw it. Nuvairah
Dec 4th 2015
Saqifa Fantastic! Saqifa
Nov 11th 2015
Sarah Wow! This is nice. Keep up the good work, Azka. Your English is good too. :) Sarah
Oct 30th 2015
Berha Nice. Keep it up Berha
Oct 14th 2015
Berha Nice. Keep it up Berha
Oct 14th 2015
Saqifa Good story! Saqifa
Oct 8th 2015
Fatima The lesson in this story is great. Fatima
Oct 1st 2015
Misha Nice Story! Misha
Sep 28th 2015
Amna Lol its nice Amna
Sep 28th 2015
Wania Nice story Wania
Sep 27th 2015
zoya Good!could be improve more. by the way my name is Zoya too and one of my friend's name is Azka too Zoya
Sep 21st 2015
Shayan Nyc story Shayan
Sep 11th 2015
Irza Very very gud story and good use of grammer Irza
Sep 9th 2015
Layba GREAT STORY..... Layba
Sep 9th 2015
Rihab Very nyc story and grammer Rihab
Sep 5th 2015
Anusha Nice story Anusha
Sep 5th 2015

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