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Maryam Imran
Maryam Imran
Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizadry
Jo's Life (part 2)
Published On Sep 3rd 2015
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One day he thought it was too much and decided to run away with the little money he had. he struggled a lot for 1 to 2 years and finally settled in England as a doctor.
on the other hand, his aunts were furious when they learned that jo had ran away. Jo, in England had become a very successful doctor. people from all over the world came to him for treatments. he was so successful and popular that even the king James of England came to visit him, for a check-up.
When jo was done with his check up and the king was about to leave, he said ," you do look familiar. What’s your name?"
Jo said, " Sir, my name is jo."
" Are you sure?" the king asked.
" yes sir. but why are you asking?" jo replied.
" i cannot believe i found my son at last, after all these years of searching," the king said, locking his eyes in the eyes of jo's.
" Your son? But sir, how i can i be your son?  my parents already died when i was quite young," jo replied.
" Who told you this?" the king asked.
" My aunts," Jo replied.
" they were lying and they are not your aunts. and i am your father, jo," the king said, taking jo's hand.
' But then why was i  living with them?" jo asked.
" You were living with them because they kidnapped you becuase after your mom and i, you would rule and those two who pretended to be your aunts did not want that. Now your mom and i are getting old and it's your turn to rule, jo," the king said.
" She is back home, waiting for you, jo," the king replied.
Soon Jo was crowned king and his so called aunts were arrested. So everything went well and Jo's hard work soon paid off.....
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Comments 11
Jul 31st 2017
Fatima You study at hogwarts!!!! This is joke right!! Maryam tell me the truth no joke okay??? Fatima
May 20th 2017
Fajr Omair Good Fajr Omair
Mar 7th 2017
Wania It means that Saqifa spelled wrong Wania
Mar 26th 2016
Berha Wania the word is actually improbable and it means unlikely to happen or not true Berha
Feb 18th 2016
Wania Can any one tell me the meaning of "unprobable" Wania
Dec 4th 2015
Layba Nice Layba
Oct 16th 2015
Saqifa Unprobable! Saqifa
Sep 29th 2015
Wania Awesome Wania
Sep 27th 2015
Sajal Fasinating! Sajal
Sep 23rd 2015
Irza That's pretty nice..... Irza
Sep 20th 2015

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