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Rihab Talha
Rihab Talha
Published On Aug 1st 2015
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A donkeys head is facing west.
Which way would the donkey’s tail face?
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Comments 43
Berha South Berha
Jun 6th 2017
Amna Toward the ground Amna
Jan 3rd 2017
Aliza  Hey rihab do you still use vshine or did you quitted Aliza
Nov 30th 2016
Wajeeha Masood I think east Wajeeha Masood
Sep 19th 2016
HAFSA What is the correct answer rihab???????????????????? it's a RIDDLE or a joke ??????????????????????????????????????????????? Hafsa
Jun 7th 2016
HAFSA Downward plz tell me the answer Hafsa
Jun 6th 2016
Wania Making drawings with eyes or nose is correct until you label it on a person's name Wania
May 25th 2016
Aliza  On should i post mine anime arts n vshine Aliza
Feb 7th 2016
Rihab Advice?..... for.. what? Rihab
Feb 3rd 2016
Aliza  Can you give me advice Aliza
Feb 1st 2016
Aliza  Oh sorry it was a typing mistake.what im trying to say that i like your thinking that how you take Islam seriously. Aliza
Jan 29th 2016
Rihab I mean i didnt ....make it. meaning i heard somewhere, i thought it was nyc joke so i shared it Rihab
Jan 22nd 2016
Wafa What do you mean Rihab ????????????????????? Wafa
Jan 20th 2016
Rihab Wafa this joke is not made by me........ Rihab
Jan 19th 2016
Wafa Nice one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wafa
Jan 18th 2016
Rihab !?...sigh. You say "irk" meaning it irked you too. And i have not told anyone for quite a while. Rihab
Jan 14th 2016
Aliza  Rihab i wanna ask that if on whole vshine no one is listening to yours message of donot draw eyes why are you still telling i mean lrt them do it Aliza
Jan 8th 2016
yashal Zuha and Rihab are right! Good thinking girls!!!!! Yashal
Jan 1st 2015
Humna Down wards Humna
Dec 3rd 2015
Nabiha East Nabiha
Nov 28th 2015
Rihab Yes..................i know but i forgot her name. ii dont watch naruto anymore Rihab
Oct 31st 2015
amna Your profile pic is of sharingan see my profile pi you will know who is she if you watch naruto Amna
Oct 29th 2015
Saqifa Sorry, it was a mistake Saqifa
Oct 26th 2015
Rihab Im a she not he and its a joke Rihab
Oct 18th 2015
Saqifa Rihab has make the joke, he know that what is it riddle or East or a joke? he know Saqifa
Oct 18th 2015
Saqifa Rihab has make the joke, he know that what is it riddle or East or a joke? Saqifa
Oct 18th 2015
Saqifa East Saqifa
Oct 18th 2015
Manahil Downward Manahil
Oct 18th 2015
Rihab No.............its NOT east. zuha's answer is Right. congratz zuha Rihab
Oct 1st 2015
Wania East Wania
Sep 24th 2015
jasmine Everyone copied my answer LOL;) Jasmine
Sep 9th 2015
Manahil East Manahil
Sep 2nd 2015
zuha NO, the tail should positively be facing downwards cuz the horses tail could nvr go straight pointing at east get the point 0_0 Zuha
Aug 30th 2015
Rihab The tail would be facing down sorry if i wrote wong. :( Rihab
Aug 15th 2015
Rihab Oops,its not a bad. should i tell the answer? Rihab
Aug 15th 2015
jasmine It is east rihab ask anyone Jasmine
Aug 15th 2015
jasmine It is east rihab ask anyone Jasmine
Aug 15th 2015
Rihab Btw i didnt make this joke Rihab
Aug 11th 2015
Rihab Uhh i dont Really think of it as a joke,but a riddle. and no its not east. Rihab
Aug 11th 2015
mariyam East Mariyam
Aug 10th 2015
Ghania Lol!!! its not a joke... Ghania
Aug 5th 2015
Ghania Yes,east!!!!! Ghania
Aug 5th 2015
jasmine I think east Jasmine
Aug 3rd 2015

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