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Saniya Farhan
Saniya Farhan
Arab Unity School, Dubai
Published On Jun 19th 2011
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They say curiosity killed the cat. I say it’s a source of man’s survival. I mean curiosity is a part of human nature…
Where would humans be if great men hadn’t been curious enough to explore things to study them? If Isaac Newton hadn’t been curious as to what made the apple fall, would we know gravitational force? If the Wright brothers hadn’t been curious to know whether humans can fly, would we have aero planes? If Christopher Columbus hadn’t been curious to discover a new route, would there have been America? Yeah, probably yes. Some other curious person would have done it. So it all comes down to curiosity. If we hadn’t any curiosity, we’d be like the early man before they’d discovered fire or we’d have died of boredom.
Curiosity and Interest go hand in hand. They’re almost the same. When you’re interested in something you get curious to know it. Like knowledge or gossip. Getting your answer after being curious brings a good amount of pleasure, satisfaction. It’s like the smell of your favorite food. You want to take it in, absorb it
Man is like a hungry cat, poking his nose here and there and it usually does more good than harm. Curiosity is an inner feeling that can’t be helped. If you’re sad you need cheering up. If you’re surprised you get over it. But nothing, nothing at all can stop a person from being curious. In fact it grows.
If you see a group of girls at school crowding around something, would you be able to walk past without at least taking a peek? Possible, but highly unlikely. And if there were boring and uncurious people in the past, they have now been completely wiped out of existence because nearly everyone nowadays is curious especially us young generation. We want to absorb everything from politics to sports to entertainment to world prices to environment, everything.
Surprisingly we will not run out of curious things and there will always be something left to ponder over.
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Comments 16
Jul 25th 2013
rabia Nice one welldone Rabia
Apr 22nd 2013
areej Welldone Areej
Apr 17th 2013
Undesirable No. 1 Well done! Undesirable No. 1
Jun 12th 2012
zoe It's a nice 1' bt v shd b in limits! Zoe
Dec 6th 2011
Bareera Sweet hai.. Bareera
Aug 17th 2011
Fatima Very nice article! keep writing!! Fatima
Aug 10th 2011
Saniya I live in Sharjah, Bint Waseem. Saniya
Aug 1st 2011
Bint waseem Nice...dear saniya where u live in UAE? Bint Waseem
Aug 1st 2011
Aleena Nice! Aleena
Jul 2nd 2011
Saniya Thanx for commenting. Saniya
Jun 27th 2011
armeen!! Armeen
Jun 21st 2011
armeen!! Armeen
Jun 21st 2011
Aisha Nice article. I agree with both of you that too much curiosity can lead to harm. In this world there is only a small amount of things which human brain can understand. If we try to exceed this limit then it can cause us harm. Aisha
Jun 20th 2011
armeen Ummm....a very nyc note but sumtyms being too curious can harm u that is y v say curiosity kiled the cat!! Armeen
Jun 20th 2011
Ashna Nice article. but u also gotta remeber that too much curiosity is bad 4 u. Like sticking ur nose where it isn't welcome. So although curiosity is a good thing u gotta keep ur curiosity under control. But all the same it is a great article. Ashna
Jun 20th 2011

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