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Aleena Sajid
Aleena Sajid
A Queen
Published On Aug 1st 2015
Total Comments : 17
Total Views :  628
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Flying in a gown and a tiara on head,
I see a glowing golden castle ahead,
Guarded by angels,
Headed with halos,
You can get the key of those golden rooms in the golden castle,
Where the sunlight beam,
Flows like a golden stream,
Those fantasy dreams,
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Comments 17
Hadia Gggggggggggggooooooddddddddddddd Hadia
Jul 14th 2017
Urooj Good😄 Urooj
Jul 12th 2017
iqra Umm wasn't it u Baraka ? Iqra
Nov 18th 2016
iqra Nyc Iqra
Aug 10th 2016
iqra Nyc Iqra
Aug 10th 2016
iqra Gud poem Baraka!!!😉 Iqra
Aug 10th 2016
Berha Saqifa you're the one who's silly Berha
Jun 21st 2016
Berha Saqifa, don't say that and I know its only half published but till now it was a good one so we are just appreciating for this part of the poem, we are not silly Berha
Apr 8th 2016
Wania Please Saqifa....stop is enough.....i am not silly.I know when,where and how to appreciate any type of poem,story,joke,etc. Wania
Mar 4th 2016
Saqifa If it is not publish, then how can you read it and appreciate it? How silly you are! Ha Ha! I can't stop laughing! Saqifa
Nov 20th 2015
Wania Amazing poem Although all of it is not published😊😊 Wania
Sep 26th 2015
Aleena Thanks alot all Hadia, Ayan!! Aleena
Aug 8th 2015
Ayan It's Okay if they didn't publish all of it but still your poem is great even till here. I just wanna say: Awesomeeeeee!!!!!!! Ayan
Aug 7th 2015
hadia It is a great poem :) Hadia
Aug 7th 2015
Aleena Thanks. I don't know but they didn't publish all of it! Aleena
Aug 5th 2015
dua Nice poem Dua
Aug 3rd 2015
sakifa your poem is really good! Sakifa
Aug 2nd 2015

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