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Samra Mashaam
Samra Mashaam
The Mysterious Mansion
Published On Aug 4th 2015
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Hamza got bored of watching television. He decided to explore the unfinished mansion. He took a torch and left for the mansion. When he entered he heard a strange voice, when he turned around he saw a creature. It had a thin, pale body and was tall. It had a bat-like face and claws. Hamza saw a bucket of water lying near him. He threw the water over the creature and it melted. Hamza ran home and told everything to his mother. His mother warned him never to go to the mansion again because strange monster live there.
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Comments 9
Shayan My heart goes out to the families whose loved ones were lost. May Allah make it easy. Let's say Fatiha for all and sp Junaid Jamshed RIP. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un. Shayan
Dec 7th 2016
Wania Gud Wania
Sep 22nd 2015
Aaihan Nice story Aaihan
Sep 13th 2015
samra Thanks Samra
Sep 3rd 2015
Manahil V nice!! Manahil
Aug 26th 2015
Misha A nice story;-) Misha
Aug 18th 2015
nabiha Your story is great keep it up very nice Nabiha
Aug 8th 2015
Irza Very good use of grammer but its boring if its not time add interesting vocabulary,description and detail.tnx good story but improve it Irza
Aug 7th 2015
amna If your story was more detailed and long then it would have been really nice. Still it is good Amna
Aug 5th 2015

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