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Armeen Zahra
Armeen Zahra
Beaconhouse School System
Published On Jun 20th 2011
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Amir was 7 that year in fact that day. 20th June 2008. He was very rich and only son of his parents therefore he was loved a lot by his parents. Amir and his family always celebrated his birthday by throwing a party to the relatives and friends. This year Amir was excited as every year and planned a great party and for this Amir and his dad went to the mall to buy things. Amir bought a lot of things, and cooking ingredients as well for mama. On to their way to home Amir’s dad stopped on a shop and got out of the car to buy a packet of cigarette. While Amir was sitting in the car a man saw him, Amir didn’t knew who he was? so Amir decided not to face towards him but then he came towards the car and asked him his father's name and after then he came to know Amir was the rich industrial's one and only son so he told Amir to come with him he wants to give Amir a surprise! Amir, who did not wanted to go but because that man insisted he went along with the man. The man too Amir to an old mill type of a place and Amir got surprised why this man has brought him here and then Amir came to new that he was kidnapped. There at home Amir's parents were worried about him and tried to find him. The kidnapper was a strange one; he did not want any ransom. He sold Amir to a richer family living in Lahore. The family took a god care of Amir. They had a daughter who was almost just the age of Amir. They didn’t let Amir feel that he had lost his family. Now Amir was 15 and he had almost forgot what happened to him when he was small and he was on with his bright life. One day Police came to Amir's house and Amir was surprised when he came to know that the police want to know where that adopted child is and where are his adoption papers? His parents were in a shock too. They had not been given any adoption papers as they brought Amir from a person. Amir's parents made an excuse that they will find the papers in one week and right after one week we'll show you the adoption papers. They all tried to make fake adoption papers but  no one just made it to them. The next week the police came and it took Amir away and admitted him in an orphan house and old house. Amir was unhappy and sad with his life; he just thought that he was unlucky. First he lost his parents and then those who loved him more than his own parents and now he is in an old orphan house. He kept on crying and was sorrow for his miserable life. He wanted to study and be something in this world. Amir had no friend he could talk to, no one was there to wipe out his tears. It was 9 years now since Amir was in the orphanage and now he was used to it. On day an old man came into the orphanage and old home, he resembled a lot from Amir's dad, it looked like he was his own dad. He was a very good man and just like Amir’s dad so Amir started to talk to him and soon both became friends and had a great talk with each other. One day when Amir started to cry when he saw the old man, the old man asked him why you crying and then amir were told everything to that old man. The old man also had tears in his eyes. He said I also had a son kidnapped, I was very unhappy that time and then god gave us a gift of another son. We were happy and he just went out for important events. Because of our love and care he started to get involved in bad things. When he grew, we gave him the responsibility to handle our business. He went outside the country and then i don’t now what bad things he did, I can’t even name them. He started to have bad behavior toward me and my wife and one day he called us from US, he was totally drunk and used abusive language with my wife. My wife got a heart attack at the same moment and she died. After few months he came back but with his wife  and his wife told him that she would not live with this man and put him to the orphanage and old house and so......Amir also started crying and then asked the old man that where did you live maybe I know. He said he lived in Fatimah house in D.H.A. Amir was shocked for moment or two and told that man that i also lived in Fatimah house before i was kidnapped which was named after my mother. That old man had tears in his eyes and said "AMIR''. Amir also said "DAD". Amir was the son of the old man who was kidnapped!! Both son and father hugged each other!!! 
Amir had a grocery shop of his own; he opened from his father's bond. He just started with a small one and then because Amir was interested he changed his shop to a famous departmental and grocery store. He had brought a house as well in which he and his father lived happily!
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Comments 19
Unicorny Sad Story, but brilliant. Unicorny
Apr 29th 2014
Marwa I totally agree with ali Marwa
Jul 27th 2013
maryam Awesome story Maryam
Nov 20th 2011
Ali I was crying when I was reading the story but HAPPY ENDING Ali
Nov 15th 2011
usaidkhan I REALLY LIKED THIS STORY Usaidkhan
Sep 11th 2011
Saba Very nycccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccCccCCcc storyYy Saba
Aug 15th 2011
armeen I made it by myself....actually i wrote this in my school so i thought i publish this over here as well Armeen
Jul 9th 2011
armeen karachii..up jauher Armeen
Jul 9th 2011
Abeer Well it is nice Abeer
Jul 7th 2011
Abeer Do you all watch cid? there was a case like that Abeer
Jul 7th 2011
manail Is it your own or copied? Manail
Jul 7th 2011
No Armeen in which vampus r u in i also read in b.s.s No
Jul 4th 2011
No It was soooooooooooooo good No
Jun 30th 2011
Jun 29th 2011
Omama Wow!what a great story!loved it! Omama
Jun 26th 2011
armeen Thanxx! Armeen
Jun 24th 2011
Shahmir Great story! Shahmir
Jun 23rd 2011
Shahmir Great story! Shahmir
Jun 23rd 2011
yamna Awesome.............i loved the story Yamna
Jun 21st 2011

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