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Muhammad  Muhammad
Muhammad Muhammad
Aga Khan School Kharadar
Published On Jul 13th 2015
Total Comments : 37
Total Views :  1144
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April 2015

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Comments 37
Mar 3rd 2017
Aiza Muhammad I sent you friend request by mistake plz accept it and then remove it Aiza
Dec 10th 2016
Aiza Great job. Aiza
Dec 10th 2016
Alishba This drawing is woow mashala Alishba
Apr 17th 2016
Aroona Good Aroona
Jan 10th 2016
Muhammad The best picture i ever seen Muhammad
Dec 24th 2015
Wania If u are an artist than soo good but if u are not so u work like an artist Well done,Amazing,Awesomeand great Wania
Nov 14th 2015
duaa Jhotttttttttttttttttt sab jhot hai all read my ABOUT ME LAST LINE Mehvish profile pic is mine selfie actually mehvish ashraf is mine FAKE account further details you all can read in ABOUT ME well........................ how am i looking? any one pay hay day farm game so tell me Duaa
Oct 30th 2015
Admin @Muhammad please send your address and cell num at our email we will send you ur przie soon thnx Admin
Aug 27th 2015
Muhammad Dear vshine team i did not get my gift hamper you have delivered it on wrong place Muhammad
Aug 23rd 2015
Admin Muhammad, Your gift is delivered by us weeks ago, if still you didn't receive it then email us at Admin
Aug 22nd 2015
Muhammad Dear vshine team i did not get my gift hamper its been 1 month.thanks Muhammad
Aug 22nd 2015
Muhammad I did not get my gift hamper its been 2 weeks . Admin V Shine Muhammad
Aug 9th 2015
Mehvish Nah iii iii ii Anna aisa nahi Ho sakta and I want to tell that duaa is my cousin Mehvish
Aug 6th 2015
amna Hey amna dont get shock and close ur mouth whts this by the way? no i have to leave zoya bcuz of studies Amna
Aug 2nd 2015
zoya When i did use bad language?and please dont leave vshine Zoya
Aug 1st 2015
amna Yes but zoya dont use bad language and im deciding to leave v shine.. Amna
Aug 1st 2015
zoya Hey amna dont get shock close your mouth and keep on sending your stuff to win like the way the admin takes tooooooooooooooo long to post our stuff i am waiting for my stuff to be posted from a long time period Zoya
Jul 31st 2015
amna Muhammad u got laptop and mobile are u telling true??? Amna
Jul 31st 2015
Admin Muhammad u will get prize in few days....update your shipping adress (the addres where u want to recive the przie) and cell number (necessary for courier service)... in "my profile" but dont put these in "about me".. Admin
Jul 29th 2015
Muhammad I get a dell core i7 laptop and a samsung galaxy s6 edge Muhammad
Jul 29th 2015
Abdullah Very Nice and congratulations Abdullah
Jul 28th 2015
Noor Fatima AweSomE..!! (y) Noor Fatima
Jul 26th 2015
Mehvish Wow!! excellent and CONGRATULATIONS :-) Mehvish
Jul 26th 2015
duaa What did you get Duaa
Jul 26th 2015
Amna Please tell me how to do it. its wonderful. i have tried many times to write stories etc but when i go to my screen there is no work saved . then i click at my page then it happens to. it comes that your work has been send to approval. be my friend and tell me. i want to be a winner like you to Amna
Jul 26th 2015
Mahrukh Congratulations. Keep it up Mahrukh
Jul 25th 2015
Maryam Are u an artist??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Maryam
Jul 19th 2015
Muhammad I am winner but i did not get my gift hamper Muhammad
Jul 18th 2015
Muhammad Thanks Muhammad
Jul 18th 2015
duaa Congrats Duaa
Jul 17th 2015
Jul 15th 2015
amna Its nice Amna
Jul 14th 2015
Rihab Its sooooo awsome,i have not seen a drawing like this in all the drawings i hav seen in Vshine. Rihab
Jul 14th 2015
zoya Super coooooooooooooooooooooooool,execellent nyc:)i gusse you are an artist Zoya
Jul 14th 2015
zoya Super coooooooooooooooooooooooool,execellent nyc:)i gusse you are an artist Zoya
Jul 14th 2015
duaa Wow great keep it up!! :-) Duaa
Jul 14th 2015

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