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Yamna Izhar Ahmed
Yamna Izhar Ahmed
Al-majd Inter National School
The Robber
Published On Jun 20th 2011
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It was a dark night and it was raining like a shower. There was no sight of any vehicle on the road. This area was red zone and for government buildings, so there was cctv (close circuit camera) camera. Suddenly a car entered the colony. It was black in colour. Its windows were also black. A man dressed in red t-shirt and blue jeans came out, he was having a pistol in his hands. After coming out of the car he checked here and there he didn’t see any one, so he was satisfied.
        He took out his cell phone and called someone. After five minutes a man came, he was dressed in police uniform. Now they both started talking. They thought that no one is watching or listening to them so they started talking in an outdoor volume, but  their thinking was wrong a faithful police constable was listening to them and the cctv camera was recording the whole scene. The constable saw the inspector talking with the most wanted robber of the city.
 There was a conversation going on between the robber and the police constable. The robber said "half of them will be yours and half will be mine" but you have to hand over my friend! After hearing all this police constable was puzzled. After all this the police inspector said" ok friend now I have to go, I am on my duty.
       The next day when the constable went to his office he was to upset. He thought "A POLICE INSPECTOR DOING DEAL WITH WANTED ROBBER OF THE CITY". The constable wanted to resign from his job but he had to earn for his family. The police didn’t tell anyone. On the next day the constable was yawning, that he saw the same car. This time the robber came out and ran out of the car. The police was puzzled. He went near the car. He saw a black bag in the car. Then he opened the bag. To his surprise there was a bomb in the bag. He shouted, then on the wireless he told this news to the other police on the wireless. After some time, the police mobile came with the bomb disposal squad.
Now the constable said it is the correct time to tell to every one about the police inspector. As the police inspector came to the police station next day he started shouting, "robber, robber". the said "crazy" he is a very faithful police inspector. The constable said, no I have an exclusive cctv video of his doing a deal with the robber. Then he showed them the video. All the people now had to believe the constable. The police was arrested, and the constable was awarded for his faithfulness to his country.
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Comments 43
yamna Gr8, I think the same!!!!! Yamna
Sep 8th 2013
manal Hi guys i am in luv with big time rush it is the absolute best!!!! Manal
Sep 3rd 2013
yamna IT'S OK!!!! Yamna
Sep 3rd 2013
RAFIA Sorry . Every one has her own choice Rafia
Sep 3rd 2013
yamna Ok no problem, but i hate, hate 1d n its music especially zyan malik, so what can we say, every one has there own choice n i just love btr. Yamna
Sep 2nd 2013
RAFIA I like the story. I hate btr .I like I'D Rafia
Sep 1st 2013
yamna Same to u also n eid mubarak also!!! Yamna
Aug 22nd 2013
afifah Ramadan mubarak Afifah
Jul 11th 2013
Irum Nice , but this is a story that boys are more likely to write! Still, Great! Irum
Jul 11th 2013
shajiah Nice work Shajiah
Jul 10th 2013
Jul 10th 2013
wafa Gr8 and brilliant stndt Wafa
Jun 28th 2013
rabia Woww:) Rabia
Jun 22nd 2013
yamna Rameen you probably might be right cuz its your teachers name,but actually i have faced alot of problems regarding yamna and yumna so i checked it out on internet and even my mom says that,see drop of water is gift of god so maybe they are interconnected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yamna
Jun 15th 2013
rameen Sorry,but i think u r wrong. My teacher's name was yumna and she told me that yumna's meaning is"Gift of God". Rameen
Jun 14th 2013
yamna My name is yamna, righteous or going on a right path.Where as yumna means a drop of water!!!!!! Yamna
Apr 28th 2013
rameen Is your name yumna or yamna Rameen
Apr 24th 2013
yamna I love big time rush,every rusher is my friend;) Yamna
Apr 19th 2013
shajiah Please add me as your friend and tell me do you like big time rush because I like them too. Shajiah
Apr 16th 2013
Nadiya Wow Yamna! :) didnt know u were so talented... :) post more! Nadiya
Mar 12th 2013
Nimra Hey guys send me request and be my good friends.... and yamna its gud :) Nimra
Mar 2nd 2013
Elsa Please add me as your friends Elsa
Jan 27th 2013
Maham Not good but normal Maham
Sep 8th 2012
Emaan Many boys like this story, and that's a GOOD thing! Emaan
Sep 6th 2012
Sep 3rd 2012
Tooba Dont mind but ik didnt understand a thing Tooba
Aug 12th 2012
yamna Hi........ Yamna
Apr 21st 2012
uzma Hello .. i live in al khobar near 2 dammam Uzma
Apr 20th 2012
Ali This should have been a winner. It is marvelous Ali
Nov 15th 2011
Sep 11th 2011
Bint waseem Nyc! Bint Waseem
Sep 11th 2011
xerac Really cool Xerac
Aug 30th 2011
iman Nyc story....gud use of vocabulary!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Iman
Aug 17th 2011
yamna Thanks all of you........... Yamna
Jul 25th 2011
Nur Really nice story! Nur
Jul 21st 2011
Abeer I had my mouth open when i was reading it very nice Abeer
Jul 20th 2011
manail Keep it up! Manail
Jul 7th 2011
Jun 29th 2011
yamna Thanks Yamna
Jun 24th 2011
Shahmir Great! Shahmir
Jun 22nd 2011
Shahmir Great! Shahmir
Jun 22nd 2011
yamna Pls comment...... Yamna
Jun 21st 2011
Muhammad Nice imagination. Muhammad
Jun 20th 2011

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