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Anusha Ahmed
Anusha Ahmed
Karachi Public School
Haunted House (part 1)
Published On Jul 29th 2015
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I was having a dinner at that time when i heard my phone ringing, i suddenly get up to see my mobile phone it was Eesha she said" Anusha i am in a great problem ", I asked " what happened?" she told that when she woke up in the morning she ran for the breakfast and then she saw her maid lying on the floor, the blood pour all over, i called my dad we took her to the hospital the doctor said that she saw something unfamiliar from which she was scared very much Anusha can u just come right now? Eesha requested, I was shocked too but i could not say "no" to my friend, I got ready and told everything to my parents they felt as strange as I feel but they allowed me to go at her home to stay there.
To be continued
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Comments 15
Wania People I just want to tell you that if I decline your friend requests don't be dishearted. I am confused with your names whether you are a boy or a girl. I only accept girls friends requests not boys. Wania
Oct 1st 2016
Zainab NEXT PART PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! Zainab
Dec 31st 2015
Fatima Hurry up I cant wait for the next part please Fatima
Oct 1st 2015
Wania Interesting story ,but waiting for the next part Wania
Sep 22nd 2015
Irza No no rihab i was actually thanking u for telling me this.u r a gud frnd Irza
Sep 9th 2015
Rihab Nothing to be sorry of irza,it was just a disagreement. :). im not meaning to hurt anybody or anything just telling my thoughts that i think ppl here get hurt very easily.........not everybody but most Rihab
Aug 25th 2015
Irza Yeah that's right :) sorry rihab:( Irza
Aug 24th 2015
Rihab Yes i know,but that does not mean that the story needs to be can also have be a cliffhanger if the story was longer. Rihab
Aug 15th 2015
Anusha Thanks irza Anusha
Aug 8th 2015
Irza AMAZING!!!! rihab this is a mystery story so it has leave a cliffhanger so people are suspicious! Irza
Aug 7th 2015
Anusha Thanks a lot the second part of this will be soon approved and it will be a bit longer and i hope u will feel more excited after reading the second part that is really an interesting one . Anusha
Aug 7th 2015
Maheen Short story, but looks exciting:) Maheen
Aug 3rd 2015
Rihab Good story but a bit short please write the other part longer Rihab
Aug 1st 2015
Anusha You will come to know in the second part just wait Anusha
Jul 31st 2015
Aks And then what happen............. Aks
Jul 30th 2015

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