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Nabiha Hussiain
Nabiha Hussiain
Hala International School
Imagining Dubai Life (part 4)
Published On Jul 2nd 2015
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Guyz read part 1, 2, 3. Then only read this or else all of u will be confused. These all parts are on my page. Check them out!
So when the day came for the salary. We all wore our new clothes. Put a lot of make-up which Sania forced me to do. Cuz i hate make-up. And we put perfume. Made awesome hairstyles. When we all were set, we went to the hotel to the manager's room. When we were about to knock on the door. John comes running he is like, WOW u guyz r dressed really well. Sania and I flipped our hair and said U said well dressed but sorry we r awesomely dressed, after dreadful two weeks we r getting the salary. We r so happy. John laughs and says u guyz look really good. Anyways, i wanted to tell that the manager is in the other room not here. We went there and knocked the manger had six envelopes kept on the table we ran and sat on the chairs. The manager started to give a boring speech, i wanted to hit the hay. He was all telling about the hotel how it started who is the owner of president. After 15 minutes of that dumb lecture he is like Well i m very glad u guyz r the first one to do this awesome dumb hard job. Nobody dared doing this job before. Since u guyz have worked for two weeks i m suppose to be giving u $100,000 but i m deciding to give u 150,000. And a stay in this hotel for 1 week (top-class room) We started jumping, screaming, hugging, laughing, thanking. We loved the manager. We took the envelopes and ran out. John is like wo wo wait, what happened? I was like we got 150,000 instead of 100,000 and 1 week stay for freeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! John also gets happy we all were dancing in the middle of the hotel. (so this was the happiness of the money wait for part 5, which will include the way we spent the money and the new house)
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Comments 17
Ayesha So lucky for them! Anyways great story! Ayesha
Jun 10th 2017
Wania Awesome story,waiting for part 5 Wania
Sep 24th 2015
Maryam Change your status because u r 5 sibblings now Maryam
Sep 9th 2015
nabiha Guyz I m sorry I wasn't able to post part 5....actually I had gone to Pakistan for a month so I was quite busy there....I will be posting 5 part soon..Inshallah Nabiha
Sep 5th 2015
Zainab I can't wait for the next part Zainab
Aug 25th 2015
raveeha Is there another part? Raveeha
Aug 21st 2015
jasmine Please write 5th part Jasmine
Aug 18th 2015
shehram Hey nabiha i wanted to know somethings about ur school Shehram
Aug 12th 2015
jasmine Awesome story very eager to read next part Jasmine
Aug 6th 2015
nabiha Plz post it Nabiha
Aug 4th 2015
nabiha My name is also nabiha Nabiha
Aug 3rd 2015
zoya Cant wait for the 5th part and love it Zoya
Jul 29th 2015
Asma Love your writing style nice story keep it up! Asma
Jul 25th 2015
MARYAM Love it... waiting for part 5... Maryam
Jul 6th 2015
Rihab Cool story !my sisters name is also nabiha! Rihab
Jul 4th 2015
Dania Its so niceee Dania
Jul 3rd 2015
Dania Cool Dania
Jul 2nd 2015

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