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Sakifa Maryam
Sakifa Maryam
I Am Fully Home-schooled!
The Magical Doll
Published On Jul 2nd 2015
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Chapter 1:  The Strange Room
“Good morning granny” said Lily and Marry.
“Good morning twin girls” said their granny.  “Here is your breakfast”
“Thank you dear granny” the girls said.
They took their breakfast.  Lilly and Marry were twins.  They never fought with each other.  Their parents and siblings all died in an accident.  It had happened 11 year ago.  Poor twin girls had broken their happy hearts. They told their granny:
“Oh granny!...please read this newspaper”  They said.
Granny read the news about their family’s accident in a mountainous area.  Nobody could come to their help because it was a lonely place.
Their granny was too shocked. She screamed.  She consoled the girls and told them that she would adopt the girls and look after them.  Now the girls were living in granny’s house.  Granny was a rich woman.  She had a big house, near the twin girls’ old house.
After breakfast, they asked their granny: “Granny! Can we visit our old house today?”
“But why?” she asked.
“ Please..We want to see our old rooms, toys and our old things” said Lilly and Marry.
“Okay, be safe and come back soon” She allowed them to go.
Lilly and Marry were too clever and naughty.  They didn’t want to visit but they wanted to get a doll.  The doll was not a common one it was too special.  When their father was alive, he had kept it in a room and hid the key in his wardrobe.  Lilly and Marry’s siblings did not pay attention to it as to why their father did not let them have the room’s key in which the doll was kept.  But Lilly and Marry were curious to know about it.
So this was why they went to visit their old house.
“Lilly! Come here, we can search the key in our father’s cupboard” Marry called.
They searched for the key and found it.  They opened the room and looked inside for the doll.  They saw a door on the floor, then opened it and were amazed to find stairs under it.  It was a basement.  They went down and saw that it was a very dark little room.  There were a lot of dolls thrown over there and they found one of them was glimmering.  They picked it up and suddenly a voice echoed in the empty room:
“What is the matter girls?”   The girls were frightened.  They knew they had put themselves in danger.
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Comments 23
yashfeen Please write chapter 2 and 3 Yashfeen
Aug 19th 2016
Berha Okay now thats a story Berha
Apr 8th 2016
Sep 28th 2015
Wania Good story please write part 2 Wania
Sep 22nd 2015
Misha Nice ! Can't wait to read chapter 2 Misha
Aug 20th 2015
Berha Nice Berha
Aug 12th 2015
dua What did u get sakifa? Dua
Jul 30th 2015
Aden Really nice Aden
Jul 29th 2015
jasmine Nice please write part 2 Jasmine
Jul 29th 2015
Maryam Chapter 2?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Maryam
Jul 26th 2015
sakifa ''Thanks!'' Sakifa
Jul 26th 2015
dua Really nice Dua
Jul 25th 2015
Asma Shehram i love your stories Asma
Jul 25th 2015
Asma Nice story. Asma
Jul 24th 2015
zoya Nice impaitent 2nd chap Zoya
Jul 23rd 2015
mariyam Nice <3 Mariyam
Jul 17th 2015
deco Nice plot ! Deco
Jul 14th 2015
Layba Cool nice story Layba
Jul 14th 2015
sakifa Yes of course. I have sent the 2nd chapter to admin but still not published. Sakifa
Jul 9th 2015
shehram You gonna continue ?? Nice story if i may ask sakifa means?? Shehram
Jul 7th 2015
shehram You gonna continue ?? Nice story if i may ask sakifa means?? Shehram
Jul 7th 2015
Ashhal Gud Ashhal
Jul 3rd 2015
amna Nice..... Amna
Jul 3rd 2015

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