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Nabiha Hussiain
Nabiha Hussiain
Hala International School
Imagining Dubai Life (part 3)
Published On Jun 27th 2015
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So we start to do the job. Then suddenly after sometime Ahmed is like what if children's diapers we have to touch and then smell! OMG i am gonna die at that moment, Ahmed exclaimed. As soon as he said this Danyal's that garbage bag had the Diaper! Danyal screamed like girls scream when they see a cockroach. He said OMG ahmed teri bad dua lag gaey hai. We all saw what happened, actually there was not only one diaper there were five. We all ran away cuz we knew he was gonna tell us to help him. First he came to me and i was like sorry Danyal i am not gonna help u. Go to someone else. He went to hamza, ahmed,sania and so on nobody dared helping him. He came running back to me I said no danyal NO. Then poor him and to do all that work by himself. Ok so when it was night. We had to go to the back of the hotel where the hobos lived. When we went there, it was pretty much stinking there. Danyal was like No way i m gonna sleep here. Rizwan replies "Bro but u have to." So we knocked on the hut. A huge gigantic hubo comes out and he is like WHAT IS UR PROB KIDS? We all were shivering so Sania said no sir we thought that our friend lives here! Hobo looks at us aggressively and shuts the door. We continued knocking on the doors nobody was so good to let us in. So five more huts were left. We knocked so the hobo comes out and says in a kind way (well this was a good hobo) What do u want kids? I said we want some space to stay tonight not only for tonight but for two weeks. Well sure i can fit in 4 guyz in my hut i will take the boys, so Danyal, Hamza, Rizwan and Ahmed went. The hobos HUT was so stinky and dirty that the boys could barely breathe. Then me and sania continued knocking on the other huts and there was this one hut that the person living inside it didn’t open the door so we thought he might be out and so we continued and when we came to the last one. I was like sania OUR ONLY HOPE. So we prayed to Allah in our heart and knocked on the door. A young woman comes out and she is like "Can i help u girls" and then she smiled. I told her we wanted some space to sleep for two weeks. As soon as we said this she was like "Sure girls, sure, welcome" We were so happy. And this hut smelt like flowers and so beautifully this lady had decorated it. We were really thankful to her. And in meanwhile with the guyz the hobo tried to fit them all. So Ahmed was sleeping where the hobos feet were And they were stinking so badly that in the morning i saw his face was red not only his everyone’s. I was like "what happened u all look horrible and u all stink really badly". Then Danyal shouts u are asking what happened to us!!!!!!! Hobo happened to us. They all were like "he stinks, his foot stinks his mouth stinks and the most important his hut stinks, there is no way we are going in there again." They bought there stuff out and then they looked at me and sania and said u both look really fresh and smell so good. Then we told them where we lived. And before going for work we went to the lady's hut where we lived. And we requested her to keep the guyz also with her. She was like guyz i don’t have enough space. Or else i would keep, my bro can keep his hut is also like mine beautiful. I was like where does ur bro live. She was like this hut, I was yeah sania this huts person didn’t open the door yesterday. So the lady said he might be at work at that time. So we went and knocked on his door. He opend and then the lady she told the whole story to him and he agreed so the guyz set up their stuff. And so we were happy. And then we continued to work for the whole two weeks and finally the day came when we had to get $100,000 of the two weeks which we had worked for.(Guyz wait for the part 4 which will include the money, the new house, the trapping, the new friends) Insh Allah. 
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Comments 8
Wania Yaar,it takes a very long time for anything to publish......can any one tell me how long it takes maximum for anything to get publish??? Wania
Dec 6th 2015
Wania Nice Wania
Sep 24th 2015
nabiha Dear Raveeha, Alhumdullilah I study in a good school.... I can write good but actually when I was writing these stories , and when I would make mistake I used to press backspace everything used to be I thought the administrator will correct my mistakes so I kept on writing......but unfortunately he didn't do it either.....Thank you Nabiha
Sep 5th 2015
raveeha I luv your story but plzzzzzzzz improve ur grammar i don't want to hurt you but its true Raveeha
Aug 20th 2015
Mohammad Omer :D Mohammad Omer
Aug 4th 2015
Dania So lucky that woman! Dania
Jul 2nd 2015
nabiha Thanks alot Rihab :) Nabiha
Jun 30th 2015
Rihab Gud story. nyc imagination. :DDDDDDDDD Rihab
Jun 28th 2015

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